Chapter 21 - The City

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Elytra woke up as soon as the sunlight hit her face. She jumped up, and climbed out of her cozy blankets, stretching as she did every morning. Simmons said she needed to take off her bandages, but that she could do it herself. Elytra quickly peeled her clothes off, and unwrapped the bandages. She threw them away, and looked in the mirror. The long burns definitely left scars, but Simmons said they would fade, and the lashes were scabbed over. Elytra ran her hands along the scabs, rubbing them off until only the same white lines that had once been on her face remained.
Elytra took a quick shower, tying her still-wet hair in her usual braided bun, keeping the brown strands out of her face. She put on a grey dress that fell to her knees, as well as black thigh-high boots, not in the mood to have people stare at her leg all day. Folding her wings onto her back until they were no longer noticeable, Elytra slipped a cloak over them and fastened it just below her neck.
There was a small knock on her door, followed by it opening. Peter stepped in, wearing a blue t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and a jacket. "Are you ready to go?" She nodded. He had brought the gloves she asked for, as Tony had designed them to block her magic for the day. That was not something she wanted to show either.
It was March, but still cold enough that Elytra didn't stand out for wearing a cloak. She and Peter walked down the streets, where all of the best shops were. The lights were beautiful, and Elytra was happy the Avengers had let her out for the day. "We should stop in here." Peter said as they came up to a candy shop. "Candy?" There was apparently more sweet things than milk chocolate, because Elytra had never seen so many sweets in one place.
Peter laughed as she looked around in awe. "Well, pick whatever you want. Tony said no money limit." Elytra looked up at him for a split second, before bounding off to the chocolates. She tried dark chocolate caramels, and quickly grabbed a bag off the counter, filling one to the brim with the delicious treats. Elytra looked around for Peter, when she spotted him near the gummy candies. She trotted over with her bag of candy, as Peter handed her a gummi bear. "Try one." He said, as she popped it in her mouth. Grinning with delight, Elytra proceeded to fill another bag with the squishy bears.
By the end of their candy store spree, Peter had collected a bag of sour worms and jaw breakers, while Elytra had her arms full of different chocolates and gummies and fudge. They weighed the candy and paid, as Elytra chewed on a caramel.
"Pick a store." Peter suggested, and Elytra pointed to a store called The Art Corner. Quickly crossing the street, Elytra walked into the store, and was immediately overwhelmed by all of the paints and sketchbooks and canvas. Peter waited patiently as she grabbed a basket and filled it with paint, brushes, a new sketchbook, and a set of pencils. Elytra came upon the aisle of canvas, and found one that was much too big for her to carry. "Peter, help?" She pointed to a canvas bigger than she, and Peter chuckled as he tucked it under an arm with ease. "You sure?" He asked. Elytra nodded happily, and Peter paid for all of the things she had chosen.
They had decided to send it back to the Tower directly from the store, so Peter wouldn't have to carry her stuff around. Peter had a store in mind, and steered Elytra to the store next door, the Disney store. Of course, Elytra had no idea what Disney was, and spent an hour trying to pick a stuffed animal, Maleficent the Dragon or Cheshire Cat. Both of them were bigger than her head. Peter let her get both.
"Tony said we should get you some clothes and shoes. Maybe a bag." Peter stated as they walked into Penny's. Elytra immediately spotted a fuzzy grey sweater, chose her size, and picked it up. She decided against the red one, Peter said she would look like Christmas. Elytra picked two pairs of jeans, one plain and the other laced with flowers. Peter secretly got her two more sweaters, three shirts, four pairs of pants, and some fuzzy socks, before she trotted over to the shoe section. Elytra looked up and down the rows, before locking in on a pair of converse. Peter asked the employee for a black pair, and the girl handed the box to him. Peter passed the shoes to Elytra, who stuck her feet in them. They fit perfectly.
Walking out of Penny's, Peter's stomach started to growl. He pointed to a Mexican restaurant. "Baja Jacks?" He asked Elytra, who was cuddling Chess. She nodded.
They walked in and looked at the menu, Peter deciding on a massive burrito, Elytra ordering nachos. Elytra sat down in a booth while Peter got her food. He came back with a burrito bigger than Chess and a heaping pile of chips and cheese. Peter set her nachos in front of her and Elytra didn't even know where to start. There was a mountain of chips, queso, chicken, more shredded cheese, and avocado slices on the tippy top. She delicately tried to take a chip off the top, and was relieved the tower didn't fall over. Meanwhile, Peter had finished about a third of his burrito, and had salsa all over his face.
Elytra soon grew tired, and her feet had begun to hurt with every step she took. Peter had called a taxi to take them back to the Tower, and she fell asleep on his shoulder two minutes into the ride. "Elytra, wake up. We're back." Peter shook her shoulder to wake her, and Elytra groaned, sliding out of the uncomfortable seat onto the stone of the entryway. The taxi drove off, and once she was sure it was out of viewing distance, Elytra took off her coat and gloves, stretching her now slightly wrinkled wings. "That's better." She exclaimed, running to the door where all of the items she had bought were sitting. Peter laughed, and tucked her canvas under one arm, grabbing the humongous stuffed dragon with the other. Elytra propped the door open for him, before grabbing her bags of art supplies, clothes, and candies.
The elevator dinged to announce their arrival, and Elytra bounded out of the elevator, straight into Tony, who was eating shawarma at the bar. "Hey Icy, how was your trip?" He asked, looking down at the pile of bags laying at Peter's feet. "Is any of that for me by any chance?"
Elytra nodded, pulling a piece of dark chocolate caramel out of the candy bag she was holding. She handed it to Tony, who thanked her, and said to run along. Steve, Clint, and Natasha were also in the room, and when Elytra looked back, Peter was gone. She trotted over to the couch with Chess and her bag of sweets, where the trio was watching the television. "Hi." Elytra sat between Steve and Natasha, chewing on a gummi bear. "Hi El, how was your trip?" Clint asked, chewing on a caramel Elytra had given him. She also passed Steve a piece of fudge, and Natasha a handful of gummies. "Amazing! I never though something could be so colorful, or delicious, or pretty, or there would be that much candy in the entire world!" She exclaimed, happily munching on a chocolate. Steve smiled, and patted her back. "We're glad you had fun, because that's not over yet. Natasha, is it time?" He asked, as Natasha looked at her phone. "Yeah. It's time."
The Avengers ushered Elytra to the roof, where Thor, Tony, Bucky, and Wanda were waiting. Elytra gave them a puzzled look, before Thor motioned for her to stand next to him. "How was you adventure of the shops, Lady Elytra?"
"It was amazing!"
"Well, that's great and all, but this is what we really got you." Tony said, clicking a button on his phone. There was a loud booming sound, as Elytra looked to the sky, and watched the night explode in a million different colors, with her family by her side, long into the night.

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