Chapter 25 - The Stormy Nights

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Elytra woke to the lulled sound of rain hitting her window, and looked out onto the storm cloud filled sky. It was still night, but since she was surprisingly no longer tired, Elytra stood up and took her cloak off of the hook on the wall. Her horns were in the way, so were her wings, and she couldn't even begin to wrap the cloak around her body. Elytra sighed, but a strange feeling appeared in the pit of her stomach. Elytra pulled out that annoyance, and her wings began to shrink, and her horns retracted into her head. "What the hell?" Elytra asked herself, looking to find her wings smaller and easier to manage, and the horns that were once on her head were no more than small bumps beneath her skin. "This is insane."
Once more, for good measure, she flared out her massive wings, and pushed the horns out of her head, and then retracted them both. Shrugging, Elytra walked over to the bathroom to do her hair, and stopped. Looking in the mirror, her eyes appeared to have a mind of their own. She hadn't turned any lights on, but her eyes glowed, reflecting the light from the lightning that flickered outside the window. Elytra turned to the mirror, and brushed out her hair, letting it fall behind her. Quickly fastening the cloak around herself, and pulling the hood over her head, Elytra slowly put her hand on the doorknob, and the door silently slid open.
She made her way to the roof, and as Elytra opened the metal door, a gush of wind hit her in the face. If it weren't for her feet, which were firmly planted on the ground, Elytra would have been blown away. She made her way to the railing, looking out onto the stormy city, lights on the buildings illuminating the night. Elytra jumped as lightning sizzled only a few yards away, and the thunder that came after sent a jolt through her body. Her uncle Thor was not happy. "Thor was supposed to arrive later this morning." Elytra thought, but she knew that wasn't going to happen.
Elytra barely heard the door to the roof open, lost in her own thoughts, the raging winds far too loud. She only looked up when an arm slid itself over her shoulder, and another bolt of lightning lit up Steve's face. He gestured to the inside, and Elytra nodded.
Steve and Elytra sat on her bed, the tv screen illuminating their faces, a random movie playing in the background. "Where are your horns? And, I thought your wings were bigger than that?" Steve asked, wrapping a blanket around them both, as the Disney logo came on the screen. "I don't know. I mean, I do, um, I kind of just pulled them back in, I guess?" Elytra gripped her stuffed elephant close, looking at the tv. Steve nodded, handing her one of the milkshakes that Jarvis had made them, not at all questioning the fact they were watching movies at three in the morning. Elytra spooned a bit of the caramel and whipped cream into her mouth, swallowed, and asked, "Why are you up this early anyway?"
Steve sighed. "I just don't really need as much sleep as the others. Why are you?"
"I feel like the human part of me needs sleep, but the dragon part doesn't, if that makes sense." She responded, taking the waffle cone piece from her shake and munching on it. The two were silent for the rest of the early morning, simply enjoying each other's company.
Every night after, at around two or three, Steve and Elytra would wake up and spend the rest of the time together. Sometimes they watched movies, sometimes they snuck down to the training room, and Elytra would paint while Steve punched. Other times, she would show him how to paint, and he would show her how to shoot. Tonight, it was Elytra's turn.
"Okay, think of something, and paint it." She told Steve, handing him a medium sized canvas, while she put the massive one she had bought down on the floor mats. Steve nodded, and Elytra had Jarvis play music quietly while they worked. At around eight o'clock, without warning, the rest of the Avengers walked into the training room. Steve looked up, but Elytra was in her own little world, and continued painting. She dipped a finger in the red, finishing her masterpiece, and wiped her hands on the sweats she was wearing. "How long have you been up?" Clint asked her, looking down at her painting. "About five hours." She replied, putting black on her finger and outlining Clint's bow. "You like it? It's going in my room." Elytra asked. "Of course I still have to add Wanda, and Bucky, and Pietro....." Tony interrupted her. "El, its perfect."

Again, a little bit of a filler, but this chapter is actually quite important for the next few to take place

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Again, a little bit of a filler, but this chapter is actually quite important for the next few to take place. Things are going to start picking up in the next few chapters, before I end the book!

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