Chapter 3 - The Nightmares

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3:00 a.m. What most people would be doing at this time, sleeping. What Elytra was doing, crying. Hugging her knees, in the fatal position, tears spilling down her face. Elytra had the same nightmare once again, where she was still in the labs, still an experiment.
The chains rattled as I slowly and carefully sat up, looking around my small cell. 'They' called it a containment chamber, I call it a cell, same thing. One of the lab assistants came in, swiftly locking the door behind her. No one would even take the chance of my escape. I sat in silence as she examined me, my eyes, my ears, my wings. She stretched them, looking for fresh cuts, which there were. I waited until she was done, as she unclasped the chains that held my hands to the wall, tugging on them. "Come on, 491." She barked, pulling on the iron rings. I reluctantly got up, almost falling over, and slowly followed her out the door.
Thursday, I think. Torture Day. Every other day was Torture Day. The other days, I am tested. Both are 'in the name of science.' 'Science' my *ss. We came up to the electric room, and the assistant scanned her ID card, letting us in. I was promptly strapped to a chair, and pulse readers, heart monitors, you name it, they put it on me. This was to see 'how much I could take.' I watched, waiting, as the scientist flipped the switch, and I came alive with sparks.
I screamed in agony. This only pushed the people to go further. They did this until I was about to lose it, until my eyes were half open, half conscious and I held my arms wide open to death. I welcomed it at this point, but sadly, it never came.
Elytra hugged her knees tighter, and her hand brushed against the metal of her new leg. Elytra cried harder at this, because it was truly gone. Tony said that both bones were shattered in at least seven different places, along with her kneecaps, and the doctors couldn't do anything but amputate. Elytra was thirsty, but fearful of getting up, as she still couldn't walk properly.
Elytra had woken in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. She assumed someone brought her there while she was sleeping, since she didn't remember coming there herself. The headboard of the bed looked like a sturdy place to put her hands, so Elytra lunged for it. Hands now grasping the headboard, she put one foot after the other, clinging onto whatever furniture she could, until she reached the door. Turning the knob, the soft, dim lights kissed her face as Elytra stepped out into the hall.
With a bit of practice, she could walk a little bit, about five or six steps, without falling over. One foot after the other, Elytra looked around for anything or anyone that could help her find water.
There was a door a little ways away that read 'Legolas', so Elytra quietly knocked on it, and when she heard nothing for a while, gave up and took a step back to her room. The door creaked open, and a tired Clint peeked out.
"Hi El, did you need something?"
"Water, please?"
He nodded, and retreated back to his room, coming back with a glass cup full of water. He handed her the cup, and Elytra chugged about half of it, planning on taking the other half back to bed.
"Why are you awake?" He asked, and she shook her head, trying to get rid of the memories. "Nightmares." Elytra replied. Clint nodded. "You wanna talk about it?" Nodding, she took about three steps before she had to grab the wall to steady herself. Clint gently held her arm, and they walked over to his bed. Elytra sat down, exhausted, and he sat down beside her, handing her a blanket. Elytra wrapped it around herself, and he asked, "What kind of nightmares?" She hesitated before answering, although she wasn't sure why. "I was in the lab. It was Torture Day." Glancing over at Clint, Elytra saw pure shock on his face.
"Torture Day?"
"Y-Yeah. Every other day, they torture me 'in the name of science." Elytra used finger quotes for emphasis. She snuggled up next to Clint, and he put his arm around her.
"They took me into the electric room. I hated that one the most." Elytra told him, and he listened. "They hooked me up to a machine and electrocuted me until I was about to die. Clint, I-I couldn't take it anymore, so I ran." He wrapped his arms tighter around her, and Elytra closed her drooping eyes.
Elytra felt someone gently shaking her awake, and quickly realized she was back in her bed, Clint's blanket draped over her torso and legs. It was Steve, who said he had came to get her for breakfast. "Wait, I get more than one meal a day?" Elytra asked, surprised. Usually, she got a piece of bread or oatmeal around noon, and water throughout the day. But occasionally someone would come in with a cookie, and those were usually the less horrible days. "Yeah..." Steve looked at her weirdly, before Elytra stood up excitedly, ready for 'breakfast.'
Wanda set a tray in front of her, which consisted of a lot of things she had never seen before. There were two white circles, each with a smaller yellow circle in the middle. There were pinkish-brown strips that were flimsy when she held them. There was also bread, but it was slightly more brown, with white and purple stuff on top. Natasha briefly explained that it was eggs, bacon, and toast with butter and jam. It was all gone in about five minutes, and Elytra sat contently waiting for her next instructions.
"You eat really fast!" Tony was shocked. "No, you just eat really slow." Clint retorted. Tony gave him a glare, and the rest of them laughed. Looking around as Tony and Steve started an argument, Elytra realized that almost everyone in the room was looking at her, except for the few that were putting colorful balls on a tree in the middle. She looked on to the large window, that took up the expanse of the wall. Little white things were falling from the sky, like rain. Entranced, Elytra stood up and walked/stumbled towards it. The tile was cold underneath her bare foot, and the atmosphere was all around chilly.
Pressing her hands against the cold glass, she watched the white rain stick to the window like glue. What is this stuff? "Never seen snow before?" Elytra jumped. Pietro had snuck up behind her, and he too looked out at the 'snow'. "No. It's beautiful." She replied. Before Elytra could say anything else, Pietro had scooped her up, and ran outside.
They arrived in a vacant field, and the rest of the 'Avengers', or so they called themselves, joined them. "She's never seen snow, poor girl." Wanda sighed. Elytra fell back, and landed with a 'humph' in the soft cold blanket of snow. Laughing, she watched Tony bend down, shape the snow into a ball, and throw it at Steve. It hit him square in the face, and the look he gave Tony was priceless.
Elytra mimicked his actions, and hurtled one at Thor, who watched amused from the side. It hit his forehead, and he turned to look at her. She giggled, and he grinned. Clint shouted for her to run, so she did. Elytra took off down the field, snow freezing her foot with each hurried step she took.
Elytra bent down, forming a snowball as she ran, and flew up a few feet in the air, looking down on poor Thor, who now didn't have quite as good of a chance. Everyone had forgotten she had wings, and were surprised when Elytra ended up at least ten feet in the air. Thor threw his snowball, and she dodged with a swift movement to the left. Pietro, who had ran farther down the field, wasn't so lucky. Wanda and Elytra both fell to the ground laughing, and she sneezed. "We need to get you inside El." She laughed, and Elytra sneezed again. So the fight ended, and she reluctantly went back to my room.
Elytra was left with three blankets, a mug of 'hot chocolate', which was delicious, and her thoughts. She laid under the numerous blankets, and wondered about what she could be doing now, if she had never been caught.

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