Chapter 2 - The Name

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This chapter is dedicated to DianeVoltina
The girl was currently on a bed in the hospital wing, sleeping off a massive amount of pain medication. Clint sat in a chair, along with Steve, Pietro, Wanda, Thor, and Natasha. They all waited in silence, save for the sound of the clock ticking.
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.
   Her wings were draped over the mattress, limp as she slept. Tony burst through the door, and Clint shushed him, motioning to her.
"Sorry, but look what I found!"
He held up a massive folder, thick with paper.
"Before you look at this, I'm warning you, it's, um, it's not pretty." Tony briefly glanced over at her before handing Steve the file. Clint had never seen Steve even close to crying, but five minutes into reading, he was about to lose it.
"What is that?" Wanda asked him, and Steve wiped his eyes.
"Her file." He choked out, before diving back into the words on the page.
"Can I see it?" Clint hesitantly asked, and Steve reluctantly handed it over.
He read about two pages before he threw it down, head in his hands.
"What is in the folder?" Thor questioned. Clint was on the verge of breaking something himself.
"S-She was whipped, burned, drugged..." Steve said, and Pietro walked over to where the girl was sleeping. Her tank rided up, showing about half of her back, and Pietro stared at her in both shock and horror. He quickly went back to his seat, and Clint glanced over in her direction. Standing up, he hesitantly looked at her exposed skin.
Burn scars lined her legs and trailed up her arms, but her back is what broke them. Long, wide scars, some only days old, lined almost every inch of her skin. Who would possibly do this to a thirteen year old girl?
Thor had the same thought. "Who would do this to a child?" His voice boomed through the room. An idea popped into Clint's mind, something that would hopefully take their mind off the terror.
"She needs a name, you know."
"Tony?" Pietro asked, "Does she have a name?"
Tony sighed, "She doesn't. They just called her SE-491. Nothing else."
"She needs a name." Natasha insisted.
"What are we going to call the child?" Thor asked, and they all thought about it for a good ten minutes, before Wanda came up with something.
"Elytra." She spoke quietly, yet they could all hear her in the silence, and Clint glanced over at the girl. Elytra.
"I like it. Flight." Thor said, nodding in approval.
"Me too."
A numbed pain sensation shot through the girl, and she twitched. She could hear people talking faintly, and her ribs groaned as she struggled to sit up. SE-491 held back her screams, as everything seemed to surge in pure agony, although she had felt this before. Sitting in the room, were Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, and three other people whose names she did not know. Her hair was still over her face, thankfully, or they would see her eye.
"Hi." The girl sheepishly whispered.
"Hi." Steve said, and she grinned, just a bit.
He introduced her to Wanda, Pietro, and Natasha, before asking a question she never though she would hear.
"Do you, do you want a name?" He asked.
   The girl was shocked. She had never had an actual name before. It was thrilling.
She nodded vigorously. He smiled. "Can we call you Elytra?" Elytra nodded, tears forming in her eyes. She had a name. Elytra repeated it over and over again in her head, just so she would never forget it.
Elytra. Elytra. Elytra. Elytra. Elytra. Elytra. Elytra. Elytra.
Then Clint said something that made her freeze.
"You need to show them your eye, Elytra. They need to know not to accidentally scare you."
He said it calmly, but inside Elytra was completely frozen. What would they think of her? No one wanted to take care of a half blind child! She brushed her hair out of her eyes, and sat there quietly, while everyone observed her. A tear fell out of the cloudy eye, and trailed down her cheek.
"Why are you crying?" Pietro asked. Elytra just shook her head, wiping her tears away. "I was injected with something when I was little, a drug of sorts. It blinded me. I was six, I think. But they didn't want to fix it. They didn't care, they just wanted to continue the testing." Elytra sniffed. She was not going to cry in front of these people. Elytra didn't see Wanda walking over, so she squeaked when Wanda sat down and wrapped her arms around her. Of course Elytra had never experienced a 'hug' before, so she asked, "What do I do?" The Avengers were stunned. "You've never had a hug before?" Clint asked, and Elytra shook her head. Now Wanda was starting to cry, so Elytra attempted to 'hug' her, which she gratefully accepted. "Am I doing this right?" She mouthed to Clint, and he nodded.
Elytra pulled away, and Wanda sat back down by Pietro. "Her eyes are that of Loki's." Thor commented, and Steve nodded. Elytra's eyes, one of them, was vivid green, or so she had been told. She hadn't seen a mirror in a while. Elytra watched as Clint whispered to Natasha, who ran out the door, and came back with a plate of food. She had never seen this food before, so when Natasha handed it to her, she didn't really know what to do with it.
"I haven't seen this kind of food before." Elytra said, and Tony suddenly looked like he was going to faint. "It's a hamburger and fries." Natasha told her, and she picked up one of the 'fries', and ate it. It was by far the best thing she had ever eaten. Nothing like what they gave her at the labs.
"This is amazing!" Elytra inhaled both the burger and the fries, within the span of about a minute. She thanked Natasha, and apologized for Tony's windshield once again, but he shrugged it off. "Elytra, I think the windshield did more damage to you, than you did to it." Elytra laughed. She genuinely laughed, and it felt really good.
She stretched, and the leathery skin of her wings reflected the sunlight streaming through the window. They flapped, as she looked them over for the tears. The massive rip had been stitched, and the little tears at the bottom of both were patched. These people were so nice, the opposite of the scientists who locked her up. "Everyone in this room actually cares." She thought.
Elytra stood up, and almost fell, but Pietro caught her before she tumbled to the ground. "How did you get over here that fast?" He was sitting on a couch across the room a few seconds ago, but now he was over here by her. "You didn't think you were the only strange one in the room, did you?" He smirked, and Elytra grinned. Looking down at why she had stumbled, Elytra put a hand over her mouth, dizzy. Her leg wasn't there anymore. A metal one took its place. She looked up and the only ones still in the room were Steve, Pietro, and Wanda. Pietro sat her back on the bed, and Wanda came over and whispered something in her brother's ear, before leaving as well. Steve and Pietro tried to calm her down, but Elytra sat on the bed in complete and utter shock. Her leg was gone.

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