Chapter 12 - The Cold

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Dedicated to MaryDLu
Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.
Knife after knife hit the stuffed training dummies. Ice grew out of the wound, ensnaring the victims in a frozen trap. Elytra threw yet another, hitting the last one, when the elevator opened. She looked back for a second, before turning around to pick up the can of red paint. She could feel Clint, Bucky, and Steve looking over her shoulder.
"Hi guys!" She greeted them. Tony gave a small wave, while Steve and Bucky were frozen in fear. "What's wrong?" Bucky shook his head, like trying to clear his memory. "What's that symbol?" He asked, pointing to the chest of the training dummy Elytra was putting back up. Oh.
"That's who experimented on me." She shrugged, placing the dummy next to all of the other cans on the shelf. She looked back at Tony, "This," Elytra gestured to all of the stabbed and frozen dummies, "is how I stop from exploding and killing all of you."
"Good to know." Tony said. "Is this the same symbol?" He took a plastic bag out of his pocket. Tony then proceeded to pull out a ring. A ring, with the exact same symbol on it.
Her body grew numb. "T-That's it." She stuttered, trying so hard to stay in control right now. "Are you okay? What's wrong with your arms?" Steve asked. Elytra didn't answer. She ran, step by step, back to the obsidian room.
Elytra stood in the corner, as Bucky, Steve, and Tony tried to coax her out of the room. As soon as she touched the walls, they had turned to ice, covering the room in a coat of cold blue. "It's okay Elytra, you can come out. You're not going to hurt anyone, I promise." Steve reached out his hand, but she shrunk back against the wall. "You need to leave. I am going to hurt you, I can't control it anymore." Spikes of ice grew around the corner, shielding them from her. Elytra looked down to her arms. The ice was melting off, leaving light blue designs where it had been before. She spread her wings. In order for no one to get hurt, she needed to get as far away from everyone as possible.
Elytra snapped, sending the spikes back down. Before Steve could grab her hand, she shot up to the ceiling. There was a skylight, which she pried open, leaving her hands cut and bleeding. The hinges broke, and she pushed it aside, standing on the roof. Elytra flew to the field, and set foot on the grass. The cold literally froze her, and she heard a earth shattering scream. Little did she know, she was the one screaming. Her knee buckled, sending her cold frozen body to the ground. Elytra caught a glimpse of a red and gold figure in the distance, along with a person holding a shiny silver hammer. Six figures were on the ground, a woman riding a blue horse, a man with a shield, a man with a bow, a man with a gun, and a woman with two. She felt ice form under her fingers, spreading throughout the meadow, as the figures loomed closer. Elytra staggered to her feet, only to fall to the ground in agonizing pain. It came from her chest, to her head, arms, and legs. She lay numb, unable to move, as her vision blurred to darkness.
Pain. So much pain and cold the feeling was one of pure nothing. Sure, the pain was distant, but it was there. Immediately, Elytra knew she was not in the real world. It was some place between the realms, a barrier of sorts. She opened her eyes, to see she was in a forest, and not alone. A boy, actually more of a young adult, was asleep under a tree, he looked familiar. "Hey." Elytra crawled over and shook his shoulder, watched as his eyes opened. "Elentiya?" He asked, reaching out to hold her head in his hands. Elentiya. Her name. Cameron. She mentally compared a picture of him then to the boy in front of her now. This was Cameron. "Cameron?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. He nodded, and pulled her closer to him. Elytra stained his shirt with her tears, as he ran his hands through her hair. Cameron pulled back, "Where are you? I escaped, I'm coming to find you."
"Avengers Tower." She said, looking into those beautiful green eyes once again. His hands brushed against the leather of her wings. "I will find you." He said, and as he faded away, as Elytra sank back into reality, as their hands held onto each other's for the last time, she had no doubt in her mind that he would.

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