Chapter 22 - The Meeting

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Thor stalked down to the prison that was held below the Tower, Mjornir in hand. His meddling brother had cooperated surprisingly well when he told Loki he was coming down to Earth for a day. Of course, Thor had not mentioned Elytra, but the Avengers felt she deserved a chance to meet him, if only once. Thor put his hand on the scanner next to the steel doors and it beeped, the doors sliding open.       
Loki sat in the containment chamber, twiddling his thumbs when Thor entered the room. "Ah, dear brother, to whom do I owe the pleasure?" Loki stood, face centimeters from the impenetrable glass that held him captive. "Brother, I am letting you out, but the cuffs remain on, do you understand?" Thor typed in the code to the cell, and once again, the doors that separated them slid open. "Why am I here?" Loki demanded, stepping out of his glass prison. Thor sighed. "Do not be startled, brother. Your daughter is with us now."
Elytra slipped out of bed, a yawn catching itself in her throat. She looked around, sensing something was off. Her magic was more eminent than usual, more, alert. Something felt different today, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Elytra sighed, heading to the shower. She threw off her clothes and stepped under the hot water pouring out of the shower head. "Jarvis, could you play some music?" She asked, and music started to resonate through the speaker in the wall. "We are like young volcanoes..." Elytra sang along to the few parts she knew, as she scrubbed her hair. The music stopped, and Jarvis came over the speaker, "Elytra, Tony would like me to inform you that you are to meet the Avengers in the lounge in a half hour."
"Tell Tony I said okay. Thank you, J." The music continued, as Elytra wrapped her hair in a towel, as well as her body, and stood in the mirror. She grabbed a brush from her drawer, and detangled her hair. Elytra let out a squeak as the brush pulled at it, and proceeded to braid the wet strands out of her face. Grabbing a toothbrush and paste, Elytra brushed her teeth and stepped out of her bathroom, towel wrapped firmly around herself. She dove into the closet and came out in shorts that barely covered her metal leg and a black tank top that cut off just below her belly button.
Elytra sighed, and picked up her new sketchbook and a pencil, heading to the lounge like Tony had said. She stepped into the elevator, and Jarvis closed the doors. Elytra leaned back against the rail and flipped to the drawing she was in the middle of.

The elevator dinged, signaling her arrival

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The elevator dinged, signaling her arrival. Elytra smiled a bit, and looked up from her drawing. The Avengers were standing in a semicircle, while Thor was standing in the middle of the room, with another man. It can't be. Elytra stepped out of the elevator, letting the sketchbook and pencil clatter to the floor along the way. She took small, quiet steps, and now stood face to face with the God of Mischief. Elytra took a breath, and spoke softly. "Are you Loki?"
Loki stood in the room, beside his brother, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his daughter. He had already knew Cameron was gone, but had no idea where his precious Elentiya had went. The elevator chimed, and Loki stood a little straighter. The doors slid open, and a young girl, about 13, was leaning against the rail, drawing in a notebook. She looked up, and Loki was met with shiny emerald green eyes. He looked down, and was met with her wings, which had grown to be larger than her, but then Loki looked further. His daughter was missing a leg, and had a metal one in its place.
Loki stood in silence as she dropped her book and pencil, and walked over to meet his gaze. Elentiya asked a ridiculously simple question, but he answered anyway. "Are you Loki?"
"Yes. It is me, Elentiya."
Elytra and Loki were only allowed ten minutes, as Thor had to return to Asgard for a council meeting, and would have to take Loki with him. Elytra and Loki sat in two chairs, overlooking the meadows, as Elytra traced flowers on the windows. "What was Mom like?" She asked.
"Your mother was beautiful." Loki replied, "You look exactly like her, but your mother's eyes were blue as the seas. Her name was Kari, a Frost giant like me. We met on Earth, but that is too long a story for this visit."
A sharp voice, Tony's, came over the A.I. system. "Alright Reindeer Games, your time is up. Say your goodbyes."
Loki stood, as did Elytra. "You can come back, right?" She asked. Loki sighed. "Elentiya, I do not know. Hopefully so." Elytra proceeded to hug him, quietly and quickly. Loki ran a hand through her hair, as Thor came through the door. "It is time to go brother." Elytra let go. "Goodbye father." She told him, holding back her tears. Loki knelt down to meet her gaze. "We will meet again, I will make sure of that." He cupped her head in his hands for a brief moment, before standing, and following Thor out the door, not looking back.
Elytra sank to her knees, and let out a sob. The security camera buzzed in the corner, locking its mechanical gaze on her. She lay in the middle of the floor, tears flooding the carpet. Ice grew around Elytra, before towering above her, forming a sphere of impenetrable ice. Elytra continued to cry, curling up in a ball inside of the ice.
Her tears had formed a small puddle on the bottom of the ball, when the door creaked open. Clint and Natasha had watched Elytra break down from the security room, as did everyone else. "Hey kid." Clint kneeled down next to the ball of ice, placing a hand on its freezing surface. "You wanna come out?" He asked, but she shook her head. Natasha sighed, and sat down next to Clint. "Sweetheart, do you want something to eat?" Elytra once again shook her head, more violently this time though, and she let out a blood curdling scream. "Whats wrong? Elytra can you hear me? Elytra!" Clint pounded on the ice, trying to get to her, but he didn't make a dent.
"Go get Tony!" He yelled, and Natasha ran out. The ice encasing Elytra thickened, and he could no longer see her, and Elytra's screams became muffled. Elytra put her hands on the ice, trying frantically to melt it, but her head was pounding, and her vision became dizzy. She curled back into a ball and continued to scream and cry, anything to get rid of the excruciating pain building up inside her. Her insides felt like they were burning, and her skull was pounding. The ice was closing in around her, like a cocoon around a butterfly. Elytra could faintly see a hand on the other side of the glass-like film, before her eyes fluttered closed, and she gave in to the dark.

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