Chapter 17 - The Reality Of It All

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Immense pain woke Elytra from a dreamless sleep, as she soon found herself in a hospital bed, strapped to all sorts of machinery. The first thought that came to her mind; "Hydra got me." She looked around for anything weapon-like, before laying her eyes on a S.H.I.E.L.D. folder resting on a table beside her. "Not Hydra."
She attempted to calm herself down, but the monitors started beeping, and she laid back down and plugged her ears. Well, one ear. Elytra's other hand still clutched the staff she had found back in the labs. "We couldn't get the scepter out of your hands, you know."
A voice from the corner of the room made her jump, and she held onto the staff tighter. There was now a girl and boy standing in the doorway, the girl holding a clipboard, the boy holding a computer.
"Hi sweetheart. I'm Simmons, and that's Fitz." She gestured to the boy with the computer. He gave a quick wave, and went back to typing. Simmons walked over to the bags on the stand, which connected to her I.V., probably making sure the anesthesia was working. "It's not, you know. Working." Elytra pointed to the pain killers. "Most drugs really don't affect me, including anesthetics."
"So you've been in pain this entire time?" Fitz glanced up from typing. "Yeah, pretty much. It's not really that painful anymore though, I've felt worse." Fitz vigorously tapped away, while Simmons took the I.V. out of her arm, stating that she wouldn't need it if it didn't work.
Simmons proceeded to tell her everything that happened while she was out and whatnot. Elytra had been unconscious thirty-seven hours, thirteen minutes, and fifty-four seconds. The Avengers were all very worried, and she had locked them out, because she needed rest. Fitz had left to inform them she was awake.
Elytra had been shot, right between her shoulder blades. Her wings and back were healing nicely, she should be able to walk and fly soon. Tony had replaced her leg, it had quite a few dents in it. Her hand had been stitched, and bullet wounds were being closely monitored.
"Elytra, if you could hold out your hand, I can take the stitches out now." Elytra put the staff in her left hand, and held out her right. Simmons, she said Elytra could call her Jemma, processed to take the bloody stitches out of her hand, and was wrapping it in gauze, when a bang echoed in the room, and the door literally fell onto the quartz floor. "Lady Elytra, you are well!" Thor had knocked down the door, and Steve, Bucky, Clint, Natasha, Damari, and Wanda stood behind him. "Um, Hi-Ow!"
Elytra groaned as her only good leg gave out, and she fell onto the floor. But, brushing herself off, she grabbed the edge of the bed and pulled herself up. She looked down. She was now wearing shorts, and a tank top which rested against the stitches on her back.
Elytra reached her hand behind her back, and brushed her fingers along the long lines of stitches engraved in her back. Sighing, she let Steve lead her out of the room, into the lounge/small kitchen area of the Tower. Only Bucky, Tony, and Clint followed.
She learned that Dr. Banner, after her surgery, had gone back home. Thor was also leaving for Asgard in about an hour. Natasha was leaving on a mission, but she had insisted on waiting until Elytra was okay to go. Steve, Clint, Bucky, and Wanda would be staying there, along with Damari, who had now trotted his way into the room. He nudged her with his head, and she held onto him for support, as they made their way over to the long black couch. Damari gently pushed her onto it, and grabbed a blanket off of the ottoman with his nose. "I can get that myself, you know."
"No, you can't." Steve handed her a plate with a sandwich and a muffin on it, along with a bottle of water. "You were shot, El. And stabbed. You also took a lot more beatings than any of us, so you are going to do absolutely nothing." He sat beside her, putting an arm over her shoulder. "C-Cameron used to do that for me, you know." Elytra set the staff on the couch beside her, and took a bite of the sandwich. "Protect me. He would take all the beatings at home, just so Mom wouldn't hit his little defenseless three year old sister. I didn't really know what was going on at the time, but now I do. H-He sacrificed everything for me Steve, and now, n-now he's-" She stopped. She couldn't finish that sentence, no matter how truthful it was. Elytra rested her head on Steve's shoulder, and soaked his shirt with her tears. Cameron, who had risked everything for her, was gone.

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