Chapter 18 - The Staff of Memories

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Elytra awoke in her room, in the loft that she remembered so fondly, under Clint's red blanket. She opened her hand, to find the staff gone. Elytra panicked. She jumped, before groaning in pain from her injuries. Looking to her right, the strange object rested against the wall. Elytra felt, for an odd reason, or perhaps no reason at all, that she should protect it. 'It's important.' She thought. As soon as her shaking fingers brushed against the stone in the middle, it glowed. Elytra shrieked, and dove back under the safety of her blanket. The staff glowed brighter, before projecting an image onto the floor of Elytra's room.
Not an image, a memory. A reminiscence of someone's life, but it wasn't hers. It was Cameron's. Elytra cried out, but firmly planted a hand over her mouth, and watched her deceased brother's life fold out before her.
Cameron, about twelve at the time, was sitting in a chair, rocking a small bundle in his arms. Elentiya was only a baby, but her wings had already begun to grow. No one else was to be seen in the small house. Baby Elentiya wailed, and Cameron attempted to hush her, but the child soon got bored and fell back asleep. Cameron sighed, but jumped slightly as a figure appeared in the middle of living room. "Dad, what's going on?" Cameron asked.
"Son, Asgard is no longer safe for you or Elentiya. I must send you to Midgard, where you will be safe. My father and brother are growing suspicious of my whereabouts. You must leave, now."
Steve was walking down the hall when he heard a cry. Not just any cry, Elytra. Loki's staff. No one had the heart to take it away from her. That staff was one of the most dangerous objects in the world, and they had left her alone with it. Steve ran to her room and practically kicked the door down. Elytra was staring, wide eyed, at the floor. And projected on the floor was Loki, Cameron, and Elytra. It took Steve a moment to put the pieces together, but once he did, he stumbled back. Elytra was Loki's daughter. No, Loki didn't have children, did he? "THOR!!!" He shouted, shaking Elytra out of her tear stained trance. "S-Steve," She asked, barely a whisper as thunder crashed outside the window. "Was that my dad?"
"Y-Yes Elytra, that was your dad." Steve stuttered. "And the Avengers need to talk about this, okay?"
"Was he a bad man?"
"BOTH GOOD AND BAD, LADY ELYTRA." Elytra shrunk to the back of her loft, before realizing that it was Thor, back from Asgard. "Do you know my father, Thor? He mentioned A-Asgard." Elytra was still shaking as Thor ushered Steve out off the room to contact the Avengers, and sat down on the floor. Thor motioned for her to sit next to him, and Elytra rose from the protection her blankets gave, stretching. A jolt of pain hit her as her bare feet hit the cold marble, but she ignored it and sat down opposite Thor next to the window. Elytra stayed quiet as he told her everything he knew about her father.
"Loki, your father, is my dearest and only brother. Loki is a frost giant, as are you. Our Father, Odin, found him abandoned on a rock in the frost, and brought him back to us. Loki and I were the best of brothers, but he always found his way into trouble. Loki was quite mischievous, but I would always smuggle him out of his room when he got caught. Loki loved the snow. He would conjure it in his bedroom sometimes, and Mother would get mad when she found him, laying in the center of the carpet, under a blanket of snow."
"What about his bad side?"
Thor seemed to freeze. "We shall talk about that matter another time perhaps. Excuse me, Lady Elytra, I must meet with the Avengers to discuss matters regarding Loki." And as soon as Thor appeared, he was gone.
The Avengers were all gathered around the table within the hour.
"Avengers." Steve said, "I have called you here to discuss matters regarding Loki."
"Isn't Loki in Asgard?" Clint was beginning to grow concerned, as were the others.
"Yes." Steve continued, " I am here to talk about another matter, concerning Elytra."
Tony pressed a button on the table, and a screen lit up in front of them.
Elytra was asleep in her room, but she woke up, and panicked. Everyone watched her looking around, and laid eyes on the staff. Elytra reached out to touch it, but as soon as her fingers hit it, it glowed. An image was projected onto the floor, and the Avengers learned who Elytra truly was.....Loki's Daughter.

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