Chapter 14 - The Whip

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Elytra could only remember bits and pieces of the disastrous evening.

They had sat around the table, chatting happily.

In the blink of an eye, the windows had shattered, broken glass flying everywhere. A distraction.

People rushed through the door behind them, and she froze. Each one wore a bloody red symbol on their shirt. THE symbol.

Elytra drew two throwing knives out of her boot. She had put them next to her metal leg, avoiding cuts. She laced them with ice, and threw.

An instant later, Tony had his suit, Clint had his bow, Natasha pulled out a gun, Thor had his hammer, and Steve had his shield. Bucky pulled a gun, Bruce was in a corner, trying not to turn green, Wanda's eyes glowed red, Damari reared up, and Cameron held an iced katana.

Elytra threw a knife at one, stabbing them in the stomach. They fell to the ground, dead, as she ran up and plucked the bloody blade from his chest.

She faintly heard the click of a gun, and shots. There was a small pain in her shoulder, and a bullet ricocheted off her leg, creating a small dent.

Elytra ripped a dart out of her shoulder, and a black liquid dripped off of it. She threw it at another agent, along with a knife.

She snatched the knife out of the girl's neck, and tossed one into the back of an agent sneaking up behind Steve. The agent dropped dead at his feet.

Her eyes grew heavy. Elytra turned to watch as a man on the ceiling shot darts into each one of her friends, and as they dropped one by one, and she fell to the ground along with them. Her eyes drooped closed to the sight of one of her knifes in his heart, one in his neck.

Dark. Cold. Empty. She couldn't see anything further than the steel door. There wasn't even a window. A slight squeak echoed in the small space as the door swung open, almost hitting her in the face and grazing her feet. Before she could speak a collar was fastened around her neck and cuffs around her feet and ankles. Five chains led to a single one in the hands of a guard. Five others accompanied him, each holding a pistol and a taser. She didn't speak. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of hearing her plead for her life. Elytra's bare feet hit the concrete noiselessly, and the men glanced nervously at her. Their hands were shaking.

The guard secured her chain on a hook hanging from the ceiling.  Elytra had a headache. She couldn't focus. Find a way out. A door, a window, something. Find something, El. Something. There was no exit. Nowhere to escape. She was as vulnerable as a sheep in a den of lions. Damn it.

The guards shuffled out of the room quicker than she would have liked. They were scared, but no longer of her. There were small black machined set up on the wall. Her eyes lit up as lightning filled the room and her body went numb.

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