Chapter 5 - The Last Goodbye

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Elytra woke with a start, shivering at the though of the nightmares that still lurked in her mind. 5:36. No point in going back to sleep, she yawned, stretching and flapping her wings. Elytra stood up, and promptly fell over. Groaning, she got back up, unsteady on her feet, and went to the closet. She threw her pajamas off, pulling on a crimson dress that fell to a little below her knees, and black leggings. Realizing she only had to wear one shoe, Elytra decided against it and went barefoot. After going to the bathroom, brushing her teeth, and brushing and braiding her hair, Elytra slowly turned the doorknob. The soft dim lights of the hall glowed as she explored the tower, careful to keep her footsteps light. She asked JARVIS to take her to a random floor, and stepped into the elevator.
The doors opened, and revealed a training room of sorts. Punching bags hung from chains, and mats lined the floor. Rafters clung to the ceiling, as Elytra excitedly spread her wings and flew to the widest one, hanging upside down like a bat. Upside down, she escaped to her world of dreams.
The sound of the elevator's ringing woke her up. Elytra heard at least five people's footsteps echo in the large room.
"Where is she?"
"El can't walk properly yet, she couldn't have gotten far."
"But she can fly, Stark."
She ignored their comments, they would see her sooner or later. Elytra's eyes had just drooped closed as she heard, "El?" She opened her eyes, yawning. "Yeah?" Elytra asked, hopping down from her perch, in front of Steve, Clint, Natasha, Bucky, and Dr. Banner. Clint asked, "Why were you up there?" She shrugged. "I like hanging from things, I guess."
"Everyone's waiting for you to open presents." Natasha told her, and Elytra ran into the elevator. "What are we waiting for?"
The doors opened to see Thor, Pietro, and Wanda waiting in chairs around the giant tree. Elytra sat on the rafter above, watching everyone open their presents. "Okay, El. Your turn." Steve held out a box wrapped in shiny red paper, and gestured to the stack of presents behind him. "Those are for me?" She was stunned. No one had given her a present before, besides the blanket that Clint said she could keep.
Elytra stepped down and wrapped her hands around the small box carefully, as though it might shatter. Sitting down, she carefully pulled at the paper, until only a cardboard box remained. Elytra used a knife to slice it open, and almost fainted. Sitting in that box, was her stuff.
Her stuff, all of the things the scientists had taken from her when she was only four, were in this box. "How did you get this?" "Oh, you know," Tony said lazily, "raided a lab, found your stuff, wrapped it in a box, no biggie."
Elytra took out the first item, a dress. It was torn, sleeves ripped, but it was her's. The dress was a grey, now sleeveless, turtleneck. It probably fit her now, since it was WAY too big when she was four. She folded the dress, laying it on her lap, and pulled out a stuffed elephant. HER stuffed elephant. The only remnant of her family besides...the necklace. The necklace was sitting in its own little box, nestled in the tattered baby blanket.
Letting out a choked cry, Elytra removed her necklace from the silver box, holding it in her hands. It was a silver heart, which opened to reveal a picture. A picture of her, and her brother.
Her brother. The one thing she truly remembered. Elytra never knew her parents, but she knew him. Cameron. They didn't have a last name, at least he never told her theirs. Her earliest memories were on the streets, where fifteen year old Cameron took care of his four year old sister.
Bucky glanced over her shoulder, looking down at the picture. "Is that your brother?" He asked. Elytra wiped tears off her face, nodding. She put her things back in the box, and set it behind her. Steve passed her another box, a long skinny one, in green wrapping.
Elytra ripped the paper off, and pulled out a long silver katana. It looked like Thor's hammer, with intricate designs etched into the blade and handle. "A sword, from Asgard." Thor told her, and she thanked him, slicing the air with it. Bucky reached out and grabbed the blade with his metal arm. "Maybe you should do that in the training room." He chuckled. Pouting, Elytra put the sword back in the box. The next present was massive, at least the size of her wings. She opened the box, and pulled out a set of armor. A set made for her wings.
Natasha helped Elytra put the iron wings on, and surprisingly, it wasn't heavy. She really didn't even notice it was there. "Now, your wings won't rip." She said.
Seeing as everyone had opened their presents, Elytra was excused to go back to her room, box of things in hand. She sat on her bed, and pulled out the baby blanket, laying it on her nightstand. Elytra put her elephant by her pillow, and the dress in the closet. Reaching into the corner of the cardboard box, she pulled out the necklace. Unlatching the clasp, Elytra opened it. The picture of her and her brother was beautiful, his eyes were so bright. The last time she saw his beautiful green eyes, they were the same.

I struggled to keep up with Cameron, my little feet hitting the grass, branches scraping my face. "Faster!" Cameron yelled, as I willed myself to pick up the pace. He scooped me up, and ran. You could hear the motorcycles struggle to keep up with us in the dense undergrowth, but they were gaining speed.
We came out in a field, vehicles on our tails. "Listen, I need you to run, okay? Don't look back." Cameron told me, putting his necklace around my neck. I did as I was told, running across the expanse of grass, scared for my life. I reached the tree line, and looked back. Oh no. Cameron was going to use his powers. He faced me now, hands shooting ice, building a wall between them, and me. I screamed, and tried to run back to him, but his eyes stopped me. Green, vibrant and raging and angry. He looked at me with those eyes, his eyes that in that moment, said, "Goodbye."

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