Chapter 13 - The Brother

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The first feeling Elytra had was the one of sheer cold. It was like a thousand icy needles were stuck throughout her body, injecting her with a liquid that froze her blood. She opened her eyes, but was quickly blinded by a harsh light shining down at her. "Oh, wait, that's the sun." She thought. Elytra tilted her head, to see that she was in my room, in the loft. The loft had been lowered by a few feet, allowing easy access. She weakly lifted her arm, to see that the frost had left the marks on her skin, the same ones she used to trace on Cameron. Cameron. He was coming for her.
Elytra neglected to notice the other forms in the room. Thor was asleep in a corner, Wanda was leaning against Damari, Steve, Bucky, and Dr. Banner were all snoring, and Clint and Natasha were asleep in the other corner.
The door opened a crack, and she quickly laid back down and closed her eyes.
"Well, it's nice to meet you Cameron."
"It's an honor to meet you Mr. Stark. But, if I may ask, where's my sister?"
"Um...She has been acting a little weird lately. It's easier if I show you. Unfortunately, she fainted a few days ago, and hasn't quite woken up yet. Maybe you know what's wrong?"
"Does she have marks on her arms?"
"Yeah, why?"
"That's normal. It is a stage every Frost Giant goes through when they are ready. I am not surprised she had her transformation this early. Elentiya is the first one with wings, actually."
"Elentiya, that's her name?"
"Yeah. What did you call her?"
"Not far off."
Elytra opened her eyes, squinting under the bright sun. Standing next to her loft, were Tony, and Cameron. He had grown older since they were last together. He was taller, and more handsome. Her brother had grown up without her. "Elentiya?" Her brother, the one who never cried, was on the verge of tears. Elytra shakily stood up, and shrieked when she felt herself falling. Cameron reached out to steady her, and the blanket fell away to reveal her leg. He looked down, and then looked at her. Elytra looked at her feet, embarrassed, only to be pulled into Cameron's arms. "You are beautiful, no matter what." He whispered into her ear, and she lost it. She soaked her brother's shirt with her tears.
Elytra wiped her face, and cupped his face in her hands.
"Where did they keep you? Do you have scars? Did they hurt you? I swear, if they hurt you, I will personally take a knife, and...."
"Okay, Elentiya, calm down. I'm fine."
Cameron was not fine, she saw it in his eyes. Before he could protest, she ripped the back of his shirt in two. Cameron frantically tried to cover up the scars, but she recognized the marks instantly. "They fire-whipped you too?" Tears were still falling onto the floor, but Elytra had built anger with each tear that fell.
"You said, "too." What do you mean "too." Elentiya....." Cameron pulled up the bottom of her shirt, exposing some of the whip scars. He held a hand against his mouth, eyes filled with rage. Elytra turned around, stepped up onto her loft, and looked at him. "Damn, he's tall." She thought. "Why do I have to be so short now!"
"Listen." Holding up a finger, she tapped Cameron's chest. "These scars were made in the past. We escaped. We are fine. I, am fine. So stop being a baby, because I'm the ONLY baby in this family." Cameron quickly wiped the tears from under his eyes, and nodded. Elytra held out my arms. He turned around, and she hopped onto his back. It was time for Cameron to meet the rest of the people I consider family.
"Steve!" She shrieked, and laughed as he jumped, startled.
"This," Elytra pointed to his head, "is Cameron. One of my other brothers."
"My god, you're awake. Other brothers? Who are the other one's" He asked, drowsily.
"Let's see. Maybe the other boys in the room?"
"Oh. OH." Steve realized who she was talking about. "I'm honored, to say the least. Nice to meet you Cameron, very, VERY glad you're awake Elytra, but I am going to bed."
He yawned, wobbled over to give her a hug, and went back to his room, she assumed. Damari stirred, and Elytra hopped out of Cameron's arms. She patted Damari's head, and he neighed sleepily, before nudging Wanda, who had been asleep on top of him. She opened her eyes, "What do you wa- ELYTRA!!! I thought you were dead!" She practically squeezed Elytra's guts out, after waking up everyone else in the room. "Who is this?" Wanda pointed to Cameron, while she hopped up to the beam. "That's," *cough "my brother."
"Cameron, meet Wanda,
*another point
And Dr. Banner.

"Um.. nice to meet you." Cameron replied. Elytra looked at the clock on the wall. 6:57 p.m. Just then, an electronic voice came over the speaker. "Is anyone hungry?"

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