*Edited-Chapter Ten ❀

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Maya’s P.O.V.


I’m being dropped off today. Don’t come to mine in the morning.


Maya x


My fingers trembled as I pressed the send button, Tyler had me wrapped around his finger; He’d managed to find out through Kenzie that I was falling in love with Zane and he was now using that against me to ensure I did as he said. He was taking my secret for granted but he’d vowed to keep his mouth shut as long as I did everything he instructed. Tyler’s first goal was to break the friendship between Zane and I; he was doing this by not allowing me to speak to Zane, to form a barrier between the two of us. If he saw Me or Zane speaking he’d tell Zane everything and he had Kenzie to back him up.

I sounded so stupid and feeble for letting Tyler take control of me, but imagine yourself in my shoes. Your best friend, the school’s biggest jock, the one guy you find yourself falling in love with is completely out of your league, you’ve been friend zoned by him and you know he doesn’t feel anything for you. If he found out anything I wouldn’t be able to show him my face again.

My popularity, the parties I was invited to, my friends were all influenced by Zane. If he ever found out what I truly felt about him, he would reject me, laugh at me and everything would change. My life would crumble down in an instant, I’d be Maya Collins, the nobody, the girl that nobody knew, the girl that used to be Zane’s ex best friend.

These intense emotions I was feeling for Zane were so tough keeping bottled up, but I wasn’t ready to let them explode. I’d rather the guilt slowly eat me alive than Zane find anything out; I just wasn’t ready yet.

I did consider letting Tyler tell Zane and then denying it, but I knew it would go wrong and I couldn’t take any chances. Zane had been my best friend since our diaper days, he could tell when I was lying and after everything he’d done for me I wasn’t able to get myself to lie to him. I’d honestly had no other choice but to give in to Tyler.

I always thought it was chicks before dicks but obviously Kenzie had proved me wrong. Tyler had her so brainwashed she wasn’t able to think for herself anymore. Love really was blind; she was so caught up with Tyler’s ‘love’ for her she was forgetting about the rest of us.

My phone buzzed as my mouth twitched into a grin, Zane’s name popped up as I felt my heart start to race and butterflies flutter in my stomach.

What! We always go together though :( I’ll see you at school fit ass ;)


I couldn’t help but burst into a giggle, which soon turned to guilt, I swallowed the lump down in my throat before placing my mobile back on my bedside table. Why was I doing this to my best friend? He spent his whole weekend listening to me sob like a baby about how much I hated Noah and had made me feel so much better. Always, Zane could always make me feel better, he always knew how to make me smile, his presence alone would turn my day from horrible to amazing and here I was ready to ruin everything between us.

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