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         I decided to go for a much healthier breakfast so I walked over to the fruit bowl and grabbed a banana. I peeled it open and dragged myself back to Zane. I grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulled him to his feet and shook my head disapprovingly at him. Sometimes I had to act like his mother and he was actually the older one!

           “I’m eating! What do you want?” he snapped, eyeing the few pancakes in front of him which survived his guzzling. He turned his head slowly back down to me, waiting for a response.

           “Stop eating unhealthily! You’ll get fat and sick!” I exclaimed, biting into my banana.

           “Fat!?” he chuckled in hysterics. “Is that why I have these bad boys?” he finished smugly and before I had the chance to retaliate, the black tee that clung to his chest, moulding every muscle perfectly, was lifted up and he pointed down cockily to his abs. My eyes locked almost instantaneously, the attraction I had to those god damn beautiful things was so strong that I couldn’t manage to tear my eyes away.

           “Maya, Maaaaya, Mayaaaaa,” he sung slowly enjoying every minute of the subtle torture. I shook myself free of the hypnotising view and shot my eyes back up to his just in time to see the devious smile appear on his face. “If you’re done ogling... they’re getting cold,” he teased, his smile turning into a wide, silly smirk. 

          “They?” I asked in confusion raising my eyebrow. I turned away from him to throw my banana peel into the dustbin and swing my rucksack on my shoulder. I turned to look at him questioningly again as I started making my way out of the house, didn’t want to be late on the first day!

           He jogged over to me and stood next to me and explained as I locked my front door, sliding it into my back pocket. “Yeah, the sexy six were getting cold,” he replied coolly as if it was absolutely normal to give ones abs their own personality.

           He handed me a headphone and I plugged it into my ear as he did the same with the other one. Then we linked arms and made our way cheerfully to school, singing wilding along with the radio, enjoying the beautiful September morning.

         “Is that Zane Collins?!” A shrill voice squealed.

          “Oh my god! It is Zane!” Fan girl number two shrieked.

           “Pinch me, I’m dreaming.” Came yet another voice.

           “Oh fuck, he’s so hot!” I could practically hear the girl drooling.

           “The things I’d do to him...” Somebody growled.

           Zane and I had literally just stepped onto the school grounds when the annoying voices begun. The girls at our school treated him like a celebrity, they were like his groupies; they stalked him, they worshipped him and never left him alone. I handed him back his headphone, rolling my eyes at all the unnecessary attention he was getting. Yes, he was popular and good looking but all of this was really over the top. I looked up to tell him that I’d meet him inside but he was so busy smirking arrogantly and enjoying the praise from all these girls who were so desperate for the smallest bit of his attention.

           “BABY!” A piecing voice filled the air and before I could even see her face, a girl in a cheer outfit pounced on Zane. She actually pounced on him! Her hands were tangled around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist and then she was kissing him everywhere she could. It was hard to watch, she was acting as though she hadn’t seen him in years. Then a deep moan escaped her mouth I knew that I’d seen enough. Oh, my poor innocent ears.

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