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Tyler was the first to re-act, his serious face cracked into a grin. “You just got re-jected.” He sung courageously as Kenzie and I burst into the explosion of giggles we were trying to fight back.

Zane stood frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. “Impossible.” He whispered to himself. “Never before, H-How?” He stammered looking to us for an explanation. He was clearly just as stunned as us by what had happened.

“Did Zane Collins just get played at his own game?” Kenzie teased, the muscles in Zane’s jaw ticked as he scowled at her. She linked her arms back through mine and I couldn’t help but laugh at her expression, it was a mixture of horror yet amusement.

“Alright I get it, shut up.” Zane snapped.

“Don’t PMS on the girls.” Tyler defended us, he winked at us before ruffling Zane’s hair cheekily. “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” He smirked, Zane glared shooting him a deathly look. He didn’t find the situation comical.

Zane walked ahead of us and exhaled slowly, he pushed the door open to our next lesson striding in, confidence and arrogance in the way he walked. “WHO MISSED ME?” He exclaimed, picking a girls palm up before he kissed it softly.

“Some of us are actually trying to learn, shut the hell up and sit down.” A sharp feminine voice ordered. My eyes followed the source of the sound, Hope. She was slumped on a chair at the back of the classroom biting slightly on her pen.

“What the fu-“ Zane started, trying to pounce at her but Tyler held him back. Zane shoved Tyler away straightening out his clothes, it was either getting really red in here or Zane was blushing with humiliation.

“Can the four of you take your seats please?” The science teacher asked politely, we nodded quickly taking our usual seats. Kenzie grabbed the last seat next to Tyler and all that was left was a table that Zane and I were going to share by the looks of it.

Kenzie winked at me. “Have fun.” She mouthed.

“I hate you.” I whispered walking straight past her.

“Good Afternoon! The teacher grinned.

I took my seat, rubbing my temple lightly. Zane was right. Karma was a bitch. The one day the two of us had fought I had all my lessons with him and beside him.

I loved Physics and sitting next to Zane for an hour just wasn’t going to go down well and I knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate either. Zane sat down his head pressed into his palms; he hadn’t even attempted to speak to me. I’d gone far, way to far. What I’d done was shallow, humiliating him like that in front of everyone. I understood if he never spoke another word to me.

“Good afternoon sir.” The classes dry voices chirped back.

“Turn to page 345 and begin the review exercises, if you need any help talk quietly to your neighbour.” He ordered.

Extending my arm forward I flipped through the pages of the book to the desired page and pushed it gently in the middle of the table. Zane grabbed my hand unexpectedly as I stared at him in confusion.

“Maya, are you still mad at me?” He whispered. Sparks flew through my body hearing the sound of his voice. “Answer me! I-I- I have your hand.” He declared, holding my hand up as though it was a trophy. I chuckled lightly. “I’m your best friend, you can’t be mad at me!” Arrogance protruded through his voice and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. “I hate it when you don’t talk to me Maya!” He huffed, he leant back on his chair crossing both hands over his perfect, muscular chest. There was something in his voice I hadn’t managed to understand yet, was it jealousy?

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