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Her words didn’t affect me, they should’ve, but they didn’t. All along I’d known what Noah’s true intentions were, it was the only reason I’d made the bet with Maya. I thought Maya trusted me more than anybody and that she would take my word but she chose to prove me wrong instead and all that had resulted in was her delicate little heart being shattered.

“I tried to warn you.” I replied defensively. “I told you he didn’t want anything but sex, why didn’t you trust me?” I asked her gently.

“Well you were right Zane, are you happy now?” She asked bitterly. “Go on, yell HA in my face.” She whispered, her body trembling a mixture of cold and fright.

“Is that what you really think of me Maya?” I asked in disbelief. “The only reason I exaggerated the bet was because I knew what he wanted from you, you’re my best friend, I thought you took my word, obviously I was wrong.” I snapped back at her. She looked up at me; her innocent face covered in tear tracks and shook her head gently.

“I’m sorry.” She cried, rolling in her lips. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled again, taking steps away from me. She was shaking her head, tears cascading down her face.

“Don’t apologise.” I muttered, seeing her in this state wasn’t something I could handle. All I wanted to do was run upstairs and beat the life out of Noah but that wouldn’t do any good, it wouldn’t change anything. “Come on,” I whispered, taking her hand into mine. “Let’s go home.”

“I don’t understand.” She wept, burying her face into my chest. She shook my body as the painful sobs erupted from deep within her. “You glance at a girl and she’ll be all over you.” She carried on crying. “I really liked Noah, I honestly did from the bottom of my heart-“ She gasped out. “Why is it you get everything? Is there something wrong with me?” She asked. I was so lost in her eyes I found myself unable to speak, I’d never realised how beautiful her eyes were. They were a perfect shade of brown with a murky green ring around the edge that twinkled like a bright star in the night sky.

I wrapped my arms back around her, letting her tiny figure embrace me. “There’s nothing wrong with you Maya.” I reassured her, mumbling the words into her hair. Her sweet perfume filled my lungs as a lump of guilt formed in my throat. “It’s his loss Maya, I’m not just saying that. I mean it.” I whispered. “I really do babe.”

“You’re my best friend, it’s your job to say that.” She half smiled, wiping her eyes after sniffing. My lips twitched into a smile as I ruffled her hair.

I rolled my eyes at how cheesy she was. “I’m going to kill Noah.” I announced to her, her opinion on it didn’t matter to me. I had my mind set on what I was going to do and I would make sure I did it. She squeezed me tightly to her because she didn’t want me to hurt him.

“Don’t waste your time on him. He’s utterly wasted; everything anyone says to him now is just going through him. He’s not in the right mind set to listen.” She replied quietly. I couldn’t help but beam at her in incredulity. Maya was so pure, so innocent she didn’t deserve this at al, if anybody I should’ve been in her place. Any other girl would have wanted revenge, to make his life hell but here she was, being as brave as she could just trying to move on and at that moment my respect for her shot up a million times more.

“You’ve had enough for tonight babe, let’s go home.” I announced, She shook her head lightly, running her finger down my cheek.

“I don’t want to ruin your night, there’s a bus stop outside. I’ll find my way home.” She smiled.

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