I scanned the room several times, looking for Zane. He was right there a minute ago! Where did he go? During my scan of the room a knot formed in my stomach, everywhere I looked there were happy couples, enjoying meals and each other’s company. Then I turned back to face the empty seat opposite me, yearning as disappointment filled me.

Then finally, Zane appeared, he was coming out of the toilets, a satisfied grin on his face and the blonde dawdling behind him, looking like a happy puppy. She shot me a self-confident smirk as she adjusted her dress.

Did they really just-?

In a toilet?

He gave the girl one last kiss before taking her hand into his. I watched, with my mouth slightly ajar, as he took her outside by the hand. I couldn’t really process this, one minute he was eating chips with me, the next he’d set his eyes on a hot girl and then, not even 20 minutes later they did the naughty in a public toilet?

Zane stood and waved goodbye as she left in a taxi. He stayed there for a few seconds before fist pumping the air in victory once the car was out of sight. A devious smile spread across his face before he turned and walked back into the restaurant, happily raking his fingers through his jet-black hair. The other customers shot him dirty looks as he walked back over to me. He was Zane Collins though; he didn't care what other's had to say about him. He had absolutely no shame; all that mattered to him was what he thought of himself.

"BABY!” he shrieked in a shrill voice. I felt the blood rushing up to my face turning my cheeks scarlet. I looked away from him, avoiding eye contact. “I missed you," he kept teasing while running over in slow motion like an idiot.

Zane and I weren't ordinary friends. Firstly we were complete and utter opposites and secondly we had a love hate relationship. For a day to go past in which one of us didn’t make a fool out of the other... impossible.

Even with my embarrassment, I couldn’t help but giggle at his crazy outburst. He took his seat across from me and I shook my head at him, grinning as he gobbled down his cold food and gulped down his coke like an animal.

“Thanks for leaving me,” I huffed. I crossed my arms over my chest and rested my back against my seat.

He shrugged his shoulders as a smug smile crept onto his face. “She was hot!” he laughed like it was an acceptable reason to leave his best friend by herself. “A man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do,” he winked.

I gagged, “That’s disgusting!” I shuddered covering my ears with my palms. I wish I’d protected them earlier; I so did not need to hear that!

“Why?” he asked smirking. “Jealous?” His voice was a sickening sing-song that boomed through my head.

My heart pounded wildly in my chest, it felt as though it was about to explode at any minute. Did he know I had feelings for him? “Why would I be?” I scoffed, masking how, in reality I was terrified.

“’Cos you couldn’t get a piece of this?” he teased, running his hand over his perfect, muscular abs.

I rolled my eyes at him while my heart yelled, “Yes! I would love to have a piece of you.” But my mind steered me right. If only he knew the truth.

"Beach?" he asked with a mouth full of food.

"We're in public!” I hissed, “Close your mouth!" I looked around awkwardly, hoping nobody had seen this embarrassing sight. I, unlike Zane, cared about people’s opinions and right now Zane was acting like a wild animal.

"Oh! I'm so sorry honey buns. Forgive me?" he goaded noisily causing everyone around us to look. Yeah, make it seem like I’m your girlfriend who is totally okay with you going off and hooking up with random girls in bathrooms while we’re on a ‘date.’ My cheeks turned a dark shade of pink as I rolled my eyes and tried, but failed miserably, to laugh it off.

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