Hope's P.O.V

The paranoia and anxiety was eating me alive. Zane was everything any girl could ever want in a boy, he was perfect, hands down flawless, the sweetest heart and a loving personality wrapped up in good looks and a sexy charm.

The first time we’d met, I’d been a bitch. I’d jumped to conclusions about him, because the majority of men in my past were complete ass holes and I’d assumed he was the same, but he wasn’t, if anything he was the complete opposite.

Recently, there’d been this fear lurking inside of me that he would leave me, leave me for his best friend; Maya. I had nothing against their friendship, if anything I envied them for being so close but in my eyes it appeared that their friendship was budding into something more and I wasn’t all right with that because he was my boyfriend and I deserved the truth.

“You alright baby?” I whispered, wrapping my hands around him from behind and smiling as goose bumps popped up, all over his bare chest.

“I’m fine.” He grinned, his fingers playing teasingly with the waistband of my shirt. A smirk formed on his face as he pushed me down, roughly onto my bed, straddling me.

I grabbed the back of his head, leaning upwards to press my lips against his. “I love you.” I mumbled against his lips.

He pulled away, heat rising to my cheeks. “What did you say?” he asked, his eyes lit up in disbelief.

“I love you.” I whispered, suddenly feeling self conscious as he looked at me.

His lips cracked into a grin, “Everybody loves me.” He teased, his voice laced with arrogance.

“Hey!” I laughed, feebly punching his chest, but I doubted with all that muscle he even felt anything. He kissed the tip of my nose, pecking my lips, once, twice, and thrice as I giggled.

“Third time lucky.” he winked, laughing as he lay down beside me and I lifted my head, placing it back down onto his chest, both of us blankly looking up at the ceiling. “The foundation of a relationship is trust and this has been bugging me since we’ve been together,” I began, finally gathering the courage as I sat upright. He raised an eyebrow, his forehead crinkling slightly in confusion but he followed, letting his back rest against the headboard. “Don’t judge me Zane, I was in love and all I could think about was him, but everything happens for a reason right?-“ he cut me off, chuckling as he pressed his lips against mine.

“Baby, you’re rambling.” He smiled, pulling away.

I took in a shaky breath, “Faith’s my daughter.” There I’d said it. I played with my fingers nervously, waiting for him to run out of the door but he didn’t, but he didn’t say anything either. “I was scared you’d run away and judge me, I’m sorry.”

He shuffled forwards towards me, taking my palms into his. “I know,” he laughed, his gaze locked with mine, and I felt this wave of tranquility wash over me whenever he looked at me, because everything was so perfect and I was floating on cloud nine. “She’s practically you, but a mini, fun sized version,” he chuckled, this big hearty laugh that made my lips crack into a grin. “Every time I’ve been over you treat her like a daughter, not like your sister, I’ve never seen you argue or fight and I saw the Mothers day card on your kitchen counter.”

“You’re alright with me having a daughter?” I asked, slightly dazed. Could he possibly get any more perfect?

“I’m dating you Hope, not your daughter.” He stated sincerely. “I wouldn’t care how many children you have, and being honest I’ve gained so much more respect for you, juggling school, a job and a child, that’s amazing Hope.” He whispered.

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