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"What the fuck do you mean? What did you do to her, you asshole?" Zane yelled.

"I thought about what you said, Maya, she deserves better. I wanted to start afresh… so… so - I told her everything - the truth," Tyler choked out.

"You’re so stupid," I whispered.

"We haven't got time for you to insult me right now; I know how stupid I am, but she'll only listen to you, Maya. She's refusing to be treated, please babe, not for me, for her, come to the hospital, talk to her," he begged.

"I-I hate you so much," I sobbed, trying to threaten him. "If anything happens to her, I won't spare you," I cried, as Zane pulled me into him.


"Kenzie…" I whispered pulling her fragile body into a hug. "Y-your wrists," I sobbed, her wrists were covered in deep cuts and she looked away in shame at my words.

"I loved him so much, Maya, I feel so broken," she croaked.

"He's a dick head, why are you harming yourself over him?" I asked softly picking up her wrists again, staring into those deep cuts which will forever be a reminder of what we were going through right now.

"You don't know what it feels like, I gave him everything I had, Maya and all he gave me was betrayal. I haven't got the courage to face anyone anymore. I argued against you and Zane because I was so stupid and got caught up in his words. I even nearly told Zane the truth about how you feel about him, I blew your chances - Why me? I’m so sorry…" She sobbed pressing her head into her palms.

"All that matters is that you know the truth now and you know who you can trust, you have to promise me that you'll stop all this, he’s not worth it," I pleaded. “Zane and I always have your back, you should know that."

"I do know that. I've done so much shit in my life, Maya and Tyler just pushed me

over the edge - Fifty Two girls… Fifty-fucking-two!" She whispered painfully in between sobs.

"Please tell Zane how you feel?" She begged me, locking her gaze with mine, I held her gaze while holding back my tears. "He loves you so much, Maya. He won't say anything until you do. For your best friend, for your dying best friend, please," she added causing me to clasp my hand over her mouth as I shook my head.

"KENZIE! Don't you dare say that! There's nothing wrong with you. You’re going to be home in a couple of hours and everything will go back to normal. Why are you letting one guy ruin the rest of your life?" I whispered urgently. She pulled me into a hug and we sat there for ages, on her hospital bed, just crying in each other’s arms until Zane came by.

“Maya! Kenzie!” Zane exclaimed from the doorway before he ran over and wrapped his arms around both of us.

"I'm sorry, Zane," Kenzie wept.

"Stop crying!" he instructed.

"I can't! My heart feels like it’s been ripped up into tiny shreds, it aches so much. What did I do wrong? I tried to be the perfect girlfriend, I cancelled plans with friends just too be with him- I did everything I could-" She broke off into a fit of hysterics.

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