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I opened my eyes, It was pitch black and nothing could be seen, I wanted to cry and run away, this was a joke too him. He was standing behind me chuckling.

"I can't see anything?" I whispered, fighting back the tears that were burning at the back of my throat.

I caught him off guard as he jumped a little at the sound of my voice. "Oh sorry!" He exclaimed apologetically. “Get ready!" He grinned nervously.

"Ready for what?!"

"You'll see." He slid his muscular arms around my waist, pulling me closer, and I felt his warm lips on my neck. He pulled away locking our glances and ran his finger's through his hair. He clapped once and the scene unfolded in front of my eyes.

There was a loud click and then suddenly the world lit up all bright around us. At first it was blinding, and frightening, like a camera flash going off right in my face and turning the world starry. Tears pricked my eyes as I gasped, clasping my mouth.

It was so perfect.

Little fairy lights were draped around a little circular pergola; a small picnic was laid out for the two of us. Fluffy red pillows were set out for us too sit on I couldn't make out much more but the moon lit up the whole scene like exploding fireworks. My hormones soared at an all time high while I tried oh so hard to hold in my screams of excitement and delight, this was just so romantic!

"What's this for? Why? What have I done to deserve this?-" Subconsciously I babbled on and on until he had to press his finger against my lip to shut me up.

"Your so cute when your nervous." He teased, pinching at my cheek, I swatted it away smiling. "Hungry?" He laughed pointing to the picnic.

"It looks so good!" I moaned practically feeling the taste of the food in my mouth, he laughed taking my hand and sat me down on the picnic blanket before going to sit opposite me. 

He dug his hand into the hamper and popped something into his mouth; I watched his mouth carefully as he started moaning in delight. I rolled my eyes at the sound he was making; it was such a typical Zane thing. "Fucking hell." He mumbled trying to chew as he spoke. "You have to try this!" He exclaimed, putting his hand back into the basket he put something into my mouth before I had the chance to protest.

"Oh. my. Gosh." I mumbled trying to capture every last bite. "What was it?" I chuckled after the goodness had left my mouth.

"A chocolate strawberry, you goofball." He laughed, emptying out the contents of the basket onto the blanket between us. My eyes widened as he only took more and more food out, chocolate strawberries, chocolate, cake and other little desserts. "WHOA!" He chuckled looking at all the food.

"Did you do all this?" I smiled sincerely looking around us, the pink fairy lights made it seem so much more romantic, he must have spent hours getting this ready. Everything was in place, everything was perfect!

His cheeks flushed as he blushed a little. "Everything but the food, you can just tell my Mum packed the food." He laughed his deep sexy laugh uneasily.

"Plus you can't cook!" I added cheekily.

"Oi!" He grinned, shaking his head. "I cook like a pro, see all those chef's on tv? They learn from me." There was an awkward silence until our glances locked and we exploded into a fit of laughter, the thought of Zane in a kitchen unless he was shagging of course was too much. This boy could hardly make toast without setting something alight.

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