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Zane's P.O.V


Phwoar! I was hot!

I flexed, beamed at my reflection in the glass trophy cabinet. I really was the whole package deal; good looks, toned body, smart and I wasn’t a bad guy.

As I was entering the biology lab for my first lesson, I grinned goofily to myself. I’d been invited to two house parties, gotten myself three babes’ numbers and had a bit of fun in a disabled toilet, and this all happened only twenty minutes into the year. Yeah, I had a feeling this would be a good year for me.

“I’M BACK AND I’VE ONLY GOTTEN SEXIER!” I declared striding into the lesson doing jazz-hands for effect. I shut my mouth when I saw the teacher shooting me a death glare... if looks could kill. A couple of girls cheered me on but I noticed that Maya wasn’t one of them, she was looking down unhappily as though she was hiding something from me.

“Take your seat Mr. Collins,” the teacher instructed strictly pointing to the spare seat besides Maya. I did a small victory fist pump, what was better than sitting next to my best friend all year and annoying the fuck out of her the first thing in the morning?

I smiled and nodded at her before walking up the aisle to take my seat beside Maya. She looked up and smiled at me quickly but I’d known her all my life, I wasn’t stupid, I could tell when she was upset. “Hey, are you alright?” I asked quietly.

“Yeah,” she mumbled lightly, she didn’t even look at me. Her eyes moved but stayed averted and were looking straight ahead instead.

Girls were so damn confusing! It was like they spoke their own language and us guys were supposed to de-code it. I knew Maya wasn’t alright and she knew that I knew, so why couldn’t she just straight out tell me what was wrong? Fuck, it annoyed me so much that I wanted to pull my hair out sometimes!

“Maya- ” I whispered slowly, letting my breath linger over her ears. I watched her shudder in delight before she shut her eyes briefly. “It’s really hot in here and you’re wearing an awful amount of clothes,” I teased, my fingers playing with the brim of her shirt. I slipped my hand under her shirt tracing intricate patterns against the skin of her back.

Her elbow came in contact with my stomach, hard. I grunted and she grinned victoriously. She was playing hard to get and shit, it was attractive. “I’m wearing jeans and a top; you’re the one who’s layered up,” she replied in a low voice.

I turned facing away from her and smirked deviously to myself. I could so easily twist her words around and embarrass her. Karma was a bitch and my dear Maya was slowly getting her revenge for all the little pranks she’d played on me. I grabbed the sides of my black shirt, tore it over my head and threw it down onto the floor between us. My ripped body was exposed to the whole class while I sat back smiling casually.

“ZANE COLLLINS!” the teacher yelled.

“Yes?” I replied coolly.

Half the class was looking at me now, well, at my body not so much my face but hey ho, attention was attention after all.

“Oh my god,” “His abs, pinch me,” a round of shrieks and squeals to that effect came from the girls in the class.

 “Care to explain why your shirt is off?” the teacher asked. Her hands were on her hips and her face questioning; it struck me suddenly, she wasn’t at all bad looking.

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