*Edited-Chapter Eleven ❀

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Zane's P.O.V

I looked away quickly, avoiding eye contact. I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly as an unwanted smile began forming on my face. Then it hit me like to a slap to the face, I, Zane Collins was falling in love! “I’m in love!” I exclaimed, placing my hands on Maya’s shoulder, I jostled her excitedly beaming like an idiot. “I’m falling in love with Hope!” I practically screamed out to the world, my smile only widening as realisation soaked in.

Maya stared at me blankly, her face growing slowly in pain. Her face began turning a ghastly white as she swallowed down a lump in her throat; she collapsed back onto her bed. “I’m so happy for you.” She managed to whisper.

I hated this, I absolutely despised when Maya lied to me. It was honestly like having bullets straight to my chest. This girl was my world, she was the half that completed me, she knew I could tell when she was lying, I didn’t understand why she still bothered.

I went and lay down beside her as Maya quickly wiped a tear away that had leaked through her shut eyelids. “Hey,” I began gently. “Is everything alright?” I questioned, wrapping my arms around her waist I yanked our bodies close together.

“Everything’s fine!” She laughed, but I wasn’t buying it one bit.

“Has Hope done anything to you?” I asked genuinely, Hope could be slightly manipulative and come across as slightly strong and aggressive but that was only the wall she’d built up to protect herself. Inside was this beautiful, sweet, funny, caring girl that I found was running through my mind twenty four seven.

 “No!” She exclaimed, turning to face me. “She sounds lovely, perfect for you.” She replied, but to me it sounded as though she was forcing the words out through barred teeth.

“I’ve had enough of this Maya.” I lashed out at her harshly; sitting upright I scooted along to the edge of her bed, letting my feet dangle off the end. “What the fuck is with this attitude of yours and this sudden lying? You’ve never acted like this towards me before, can you at least just tell me what I’ve done?” I asked in annoyance, she sat upright skedaddling away from me.

“It’s not you.” She attempted to reassure me. “I just have a lot going on right now, I haven’t meant to take them out on you.” She whispered shrugging her shoulder’s apologetically. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled, finishing quietly.

I felt a pang of guilt in my chest for lashing out at her like that, her face softened in pain as I shut my eyes briefly hoping I never made the mistake of hurting her again. “Babe, you can talk to me about anything.” I replied softly, cupping her face in my hand as I rubbed her cheek gently with my thumb.

“It’s nothing! I’ve just been a bit iffy with mum lately and I’m worried about Kenzie and trying to apply for university, it’s all just gathering up you know?” She smiled half-heartedly. I managed to nod and smile for her but it was only veiling the disappointment, she was still lying to me, I could feel it in my bones.

I attempted to lighten the mood a little trying my charm. “I need you to help me rate some pick up lines.” I chuckled, flopping back down onto her bed where I soon pulled her down beside me. She rolled her eyes and smiled indicating I should continue. “Let’s flip a coin, heads I’m yours, tails you’re mine?” I asked, smirking cockily as I finished.

“Not bad!” She giggled, curling up to me.

“I need your help Maya!” I whispered, locking my glances with her’s.

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