❀ Prologue ❀

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Trying something completely different it's a Best Friend Love story, please give it a chance and tell me what you think! x

"You know, I'm like a Rubik's cube the more you play with me, the harder I get," Zane winks smugly as he leans against a red leather booth with his arms crossed over his perfectly built chest. You're not supposed to call boys beautiful, they prefer charming, or attractive, or handsome but my gosh, he was just so beautiful.

I sit a few seats away, listening to his pick-up lines with my face pressed into my hands. I pretend I have no idea who he is and that I'm not the slightest bit affected by the scene unfolding in front of my eyes, but that would be me lying and it would be shameful to allow myself to have a reputation like that. Truth is his name is Zane, Zane Collins, my best friend and a compulsive player.

The blonde girl in front of him had no chance against him, her lips edged into a smirk before she let loose a high-pitched laugh which erupted painfully through the restaurant causing me to cringe in disgust. She proceeded to grab the collar of his shirt, pull him forward and hungrily smash her lips onto his. The horror! I jumped slightly in shock and disgust, my eyes darting around the room awkwardly as I sunk lower and lower into my seat. I couldn't help but hope, wish and pray that a black hole would spontaneously appear and suck me up, anything to get me away from this. Zane and I had come out for lunch and, like every time we did something, he left me by myself while he went off with other girls. It's taken me a long time but I'm finally beginning to grow tired of continuously being ignored and left alone.

I pick up my fork and start to play with my food; watching my cold chips go from right to left, left to right. I just don't understand how he manages to get any girl he wants, I mean, if I tried to flirt I'd either embarrass myself, or the guy would raise an eyebrow in disbelief and walk away, probably laughing.

I sit there in our booth, correction my booth now, quietly picking at my lunch whilst staring out of the window into the gloomy London weather. Doing my best to ignore my best friend sucking the slutty girl's face off, a girl, I might add, that he'd just met for the first time. Having just given myself a too-much-thinking headache, I leant my hazy head against the cold window, pressing my cheek against it as well, and I wait for him to return from his business.

Even knowing it doesn't make sense I can't help but feel a touch of unwanted jealousy. Zane is my best friend, I've known him all my life and our relationship is sorta like that of a brother and sister. I've always had feelings for him but I keep pushing them down because I know he won't return them. It's so hard wanting a romantic relationship with him and knowing that he's perfectly satisfied with us just being friends.

You can't keep something bottled up forever, can you?

One day my feelings would explode and the dreadful day they do, my life and our friendship will be ruined. But that doesn't stop me from wondering what it would feel like to be wanted as more than a friend.

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