I laughed sarcastically but he shot me a serious look. "Wait, you're serious?" I asked nervously, my eyes scanning the completely packed beach. A tight knot formed in my stomach and I found fighting for air, all these people would be able to watch me humiliate myself. Suddenly being dumped in the sea didn’t seem like a bad idea, anything would be better than this.

      He nodded, smiling victoriously. “Get on my shoulders, Baby!" he whispered seductively followed by a smooth wink as he pushed his body up into a standing position, showing off his perfect muscles.

     "Zane!” I whispered, inhaling deeply. “'Please, no!" I pleaded using my best possible puppy dog look on him. He shook his head adamantly; laughing at the humiliation I was about to put myself through because of him.

      "No can do, babe!" he sung cheerfully pulling me to my feet.

      "Fine!" I groaned. "Let's just get this over and done with," I said in resignation with my palm over my eyes. I was going to kill him for this, slowly and painfully, most probably in his sleep.

      "Come on!" he urged enthusiastically slapping my ass. When I was less than fervent in my movement, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward the most crowded area he could see, right in the middle of the beach. In an attempt to buy myself some time, I dug my heels into the sand so he was forced to drag me while I tried, and failed miserably, to make an escape in the opposing direction and or find a suitable substitute.

      “I’ll - I’ll make you a lifetime worth of sandwiches... I’ll clean your room! Anything you ask for but pleeeease don’t make me humiliate myself, Zane!” I begged quietly trying to pull my arm out of his grip.

      “Oh, I’m not letting this one go for anything,” he grinned smugly. “Remember when you made me walk around school in SpongeBob underwear?” he asked. I rolled my lips in trying to contain my laughter at the recollection; that was one fine day. “Or when you decided to take my clothes so that I had to stay practically naked after a pool party?” he added. “Well Maya, Karma’s a bitch,” he winked.

     “Zane!” I exclaimed chuckling, I had to admit; I had it coming. I knew he would get even sooner or later I was just annoyed that he thought of something so very embarrassing.

      "Get on my shoulders," he said grinning maniacally and squatting so that I could stand on him.  Oh boy, he wasn’t at all kidding. He really was going to make me to do this; well here goes my dignity and social reputation.

      I scoped the area one last time and inhaling deeply, I slowly put my right foot on his right shoulder to hitch myself up and place my left foot onto his left shoulder. He held his hands up over his head for me to grip to keep my balance as he stood up, I squealed when he stood up really quickly intentionally, I could hear him chuckling lightly to himself.

      I felt a sense of vertigo as he straightened up, it was as though I was in a plane and he wasn’t even standing all the way up as yet. Everything somehow looked so minute below me. My cheeks flushed red as I realized how odd I must look, standing on a shirtless guy’s back, in the middle of the beach, for no apparent reason. “Please don’t let me fall!” I choked out. I extended my arms out to the sides in an attempt to keep my balance, what could be more embarrassing then me falling face first into the sand?

      He wobbled around purposefully and I shrieked clutching his head to make sure I didn’t fall off. “Ooopsi,” he teased. “I won’t, Maya, who’d make me sandwiches then?”

      I shook my head laughing. “Don’t be a douche Zane!”

       He smirked with a throaty chuckle. “Watcha waiting for babe?” he sung. I felt so uncomfortable, that watched feeling you get when doing something silly, I had that feeling and horrifically, in this case, all eyes were on me. I couldn’t blame them though; it wasn’t everyday you saw a girl on a boys shoulders in the middle of a crowded beach, goofing around doing god knows what.

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