The car came to a halt and I could honestly say I’d never been so scared in my life. I squeeze the leather seat one final time before clocking my head towards Zane. “Is this the right house?” I questioned him. Zane raised an eyebrow at me, shooting me a slightly confused look. I don’t understand why until my heart stops pounding so loudly and the deafening music from the snowy mansion across the road fills my ears. I chuckled uneasily before he got out and opened my door for me.

“Shall we?” He grins childishly, beaming from ear to ear while holding out his palm flat like a gentleman.

I feel my muscles relax a little as he loosens the atmosphere with his friendly nature. I smile back at him and can’t help as my smile grows to the length of his. “We shall.” I chuckle, placing my palm into his. Our eyes meet and I could feel the sparks exploding through my body, I shook my head back to reality remembering I was here for Noah not for Zane.

He hoists me gently to my feet and locks the car behind us; we walk hand in hand to the house as the sickening stench of alcohols begins to fill my lungs. My heart carried on pounding with each step closer, there was something about Zane’s tone, the confidence in his voice, the bet that made me feel there was something about Noah I didn’t know, a side of him I hadn’t met yet.

Zane rings the doorbell, pulling his hand away from mine. I quickly grab the opportunity to pull my dress further down my thighs; I’m beginning to regret wearing this dress. “Oi!” Zane laughs. “Leave it!” He smirks, before his fingers begin walking up my leg.

Somebody clears their throat in front of us as Zane and I jump backwards, I look up surprised to find that of all the people at the party Noah’s stood tall, shaking his head in disgust as Zane. “He-,” I began, looking at Zane for help. “He- He, It’s not what you think.” I gush out, far to quickly for it to be believable.

Noah’s shoulders deflate as he smiles at me, He holds out his hand as I take it. I sigh in relief, shutting my eyes briefly. Zane rolls his eyes as I watch from the corner of my eyes. Noah leaves Zane behind and begins to pull me through the cheerleader’s house almost too quickly, as though he’s been here many times.

He slows down as we approach the living room, a large white chandelier sway’s lightly from the ceiling and looking around this seems to be the dance floor. Couples are pressed up against each other, dancing, grinding, kissing and suddenly a knot in my stomach forms is this what Noah wants from me?

He places both his hands on my waist as I reluctantly twine my arms around his neck. “How long have you been here for?” I ask, trying to start up a conversation. I had to yell over the ear splitting music to be heard.

“Half an hour or so.” He yells back, twirling me around. “I was speaking to that new chick; Hope. She seems nice.” He smiles back. It felt like my heart had been torn into millions of tiny pieces, was this him hinting that we couldn’t be together? He had to have seen me frown as he tilted my face up softly with a finger. Our glances lock as he pulled us closer; so close I squeal in shock but can feel the steady thumping of his heart through the thin fabric of our clothes between us. “Fucking hell, you look so hot tonight.” He moaned into the crook of my neck, running his hands down my shoulders, down my arms before gripping my wrists.

I’m not used to getting compliments from anybody, especially from boys like Noah. I was beginning to wonder if he was taking the piss. “Thanks.” I mumbled quietly.

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