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 Zane’s P.O.V

A soft familiar palm was clouted against my left cheek. The slow excruciating burning sensation took over my face as I let out a cry of pain. Involuntarily my hands flew to my face setting Tyler free, falling to the floor he began gasping out for greedy amounts of air, both hands wrapped around his neck.

“I’m sorry-“ Maya cried, placing her hand gently on my shoulder before taking them off quickly. “It was the only way you’d let him go.” She sobbed from beside me.

“Fuck.” I yelled out in agony. “It stings like shit.” I hissed through gritted teeth. “Fucking hell, you can slap Maya.” I groaned, before moaning in delight as the coolness of the glass window was pressed against my face. I heard Kenzie chuckle quietly as she wiped her eyes and walked over to me.

I rolled my eyes and attempted a smile, scanning the room in the process. Where the hell had Maya gone?

“Why do you go through so much for the two of us?” Kenzie asked quietly, she was looking at me in amazement and disbelief before I felt myself being pulled against her. I wrapped my arms back around her, stroking her hair softly.

“Every girl needs a super sexy hero to save the day, right?” I smiled; I gave her one final squeeze before she pulled away from me and I saw she was chuckling. “It’s nice to see you smiling.” I grinned as her smile only grew.

“You’re so annoying.” She laughed, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

“Cheers.” I replied, giving her a deadpanned look. It wasn’t until then my eyes caught onto a piece of clothing in the middle of Tyler’s garden. Then reality hit me like a hard slap to the face, it was my jacket, the one I’d lent to Maya and it wasn’t a piece of clothing, it was Maya, curled up in the middle of his garden, the rain slapping down on her like anything.

“Is that Maya?” Kenzie whispered, gulping quietly as she came and looked out the window beside me.

I shut my eyes briefly, hoping that when they next opened she wouldn’t be there, but I had no such luck. “I’ll be two minutes.” I whispered, squeezing Kenzie on my way out of the room.

I sprinted out of the room, and formed a barrier with my palms over my eyes as I entered the garden. The rain crashed down against my hands as I struggled to keep my eyes open. I squinted until my eyes locked with Maya, I ran over to her, pulling her to her feet roughly.

“Are you stupid!” I scream at her over the sound of the rain. “You’ll be hit by lightning you idiot.” I snapped, but her body remained limp and frozen, tears mixing with the rain rolling down her face.

“Go.” She mumbled, I never thought a word that small could cause me so much pain. “Just leave me alone.” She whispered before erupting into a fit of tears.

I threw her over my shoulder as she kicked and tried to free herself, placing her down in the living room safe and warm. I kneeled down on the floor and pushed her onto the sofa so we were both at eye level. I clasped her face firmly in my hands and let our eyes lock.  “What the fuck were you thinking?” I asked her coldly.

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