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Zane's P.O.V

I almost felt like there were tears pricking in my eyes, I threw the box of chocolates- Maya’s favorite into a near by dustbin, and ripped up the card with Maya's name on it. I was supposed to ask her too prom, she was supposed to say yes. Noah wasn't supposed to be part of the picture!

My nerves had gotten the better of me and I didn't have the guts to ask my best friend to a prom,I felt like shit, this girl was running through my mind all day long and I couldn't get her out of my head. I was too afraid too tell her, Yeah I was a coward but I was more scared that she wouldn't feel the same way about me.

I tried to wipe her through my mind but she was one of those things that would stay in my head forever, she was supposed too be there, she belonged there. Watching her with Noah ached, and made me want too rip my heart out putting an end to all this suffering.

I tried everything, I tried dating other girls got myself a reputation as a player just so I could get Maya out of my head, but it had all gone to waste, if anything my feelings were stronger towards her than ever.

I saw Hope and Tyler walking too next lesson together, surely they wouldn't be together? I ran over as Tyler grinned. "Sup?" He asked casually.

"I should go." Hope stated coldly, turning to walk away I grabbed her wrist. I wanted things to go back too normal between us, just because we'd dated it didn't mean things had to be awkward now.

"Hey, don't be like this." I replied gently, she locked glances with me and her eyes spoke all the pain she was feeling, she didn't need to say anything because here eyes spoke for her. I had too look away quickly once I'd realized no one other than me had caused her all this pain.

"Look Zane, I need to go to my first lesson." She announced, unwrapping my fingers from around her wrist she tried to avoid eye contact.

"Hey, C'mon! I'll walk you." I offered.

"Alright, see you two at lunch." Tyler called from over his shoulder as he walked off too his next lesson with some of our mates. I loosened up a little seeing Tyler had moved on with life, loosing Kenz must've been tough for him and now that he had stopped blaming himself he'd finally learnt too move on because that's what Kenzie would have wanted.

"I know your pissed and mad and upset but you pushed me over the edge Hope, Maya has always been there for me through out everything and she really needed me but I was always with you. She's like a little sister too me. That's why I took you too the same film Noah and Maya were going too because I didn't want him to try anything with her. I spent time with her instead of you because I didn't want her with Noah, in my mind he'll always be the bad guy no matter what she tells me. You were my girlfriend, where was the trust in our relationship? You didn't trust me one bit Hope!" I whispered as we walked side by side to Math.

"I did trust you baby!" She whispered, stopping dead in her tracks before turning to face me. She took my hands into hers and bit her lip playfully. " I was jealous of Maya, I was scared of loosing you to her. You two are inseparable and I've never found a guy who’s accepted me for having a child and then you came along and turned my world upside down. I'm sorry for what I said Zane, I was mad and upset." She answered shrugging her shoulders awaiting an response for me.

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