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Maya's P.O.V

I watched him lifelessly as he walked away from me towards Hope, the girl he was falling in love with. I stood stunned, frozen, so much pain, so much of it in my heart. He was my best friend, couldn’t he see through my lies? Couldn’t he see I wanted him to be mine, and only mine?

I’d stood there for so long, my feet firmly buried in the golden grains I hadn’t even realised Zane had returned. He jostled me back and forth excitedly, a victorious smile forming on his handsome face.

“Guess who I have a date with?” He sung happily, flopping down onto my towel. I swallowed down the torture, holding back the tears that had already managed to surface my eyes.

“Hope likes you back then?” I feigned a smile, hoping from everything with in me he was lying and that Hope had turned him down. My God I was such a horrible inconsiderate person, Zane was my best friend when he was happy I was supposed to be happy, but that’s just not how it was.

“She agreed to dinner on Friday, I’m guessing she does. Unless she goes out with people she dislikes?” He chuckled, beaming from ear to ear. In a swift motion, I found myself falling down as he yanked me hard, on top of him. I lay as still as a statue allowing my arms to wrap round his neck, he cupped my ass cheekily grinning deviously at me.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love me too.” He teased, as I thwacked him playfully, rolling my eyes.

“She’s a really lucky girl. Don’t mess things up with her, alright?” I warned him, waggling a finger in his face before rolling off him and beside him.

“Enough about me, whose this mystery guy my fit ass best friend is falling for?” He asked, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“I don’t want to talk about him.” I mumbled shrugging my shoulder’s, trying to think of a conversation to dodge the topic. He didn’t understand how difficult this was for me, seeing the boy of my dreams falling in love with another girl made my heart ache in pain.

He rubbed my cheeks gently in a circular motion, “I know I’m not a chick and at times it can be awkward, but we’re best friends why can’t you be open to me like you are with Kenz?” He asked, upset.

I tried to reassure him things were all right but he wasn’t buying one bit of it. “It’s not a big deal, let it go.” I grinned.

He curved a perfect eyebrow in disbelief but let me of, he rolled over onto his stomach and slid out his mobile, tapping away with a smile on his face only Hope could have caused.

“Zane?” I began quietly, but he didn’t acknowledge me. “Zane!” I repeated sternly, poking his bare back with my earring.

He flinched. “OW!” He moaned, rubbing the spot.

“You’re ignoring me!” I replied glumly.

“You’re poking me!” He stated.


“MAYA!” He teased, getting on my last nerves. I snatched his mobile out of his hands and threw it into my bag, I crossed my hands over my chest, huffing.

“How am I supposed to talk to you when you don’t even pay any attention to me?” I asked, my frustration leaking through. He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off sharply, I wasn’t done yet. “You promised me that today would be just the two of us, what happened?” I asked, my vocals like physical blows straight to his face.

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