10 years Later.

“Last bite Kenz,” I grinned holding the spoonful of mush near her mouth. She threw her head from left to right slamming her tiny fists down on her lap.

“No!” she pouted shaking her head. “Baby,” she whispered in excitement pointing behind me and then began clapping her dirty hands enthusiastically.

“Kenzie, finish this and then you can play with the baby. Okay, sweetie,” I tried persuading her but she shook her head. I sighed in defeat.

Well, that’s two year olds for you…

“Maya, why don’t you take Cole and I’ll try getting the trouble maker to eat,” Hope suggested from behind me. I put the spoonful of boiled carrots and peas back into the bowl, stood up and turned around to take the tiny baby carefully from Hope’s arms. “Come on Kenzie, last bite for auntie Hope.” Hope tried.

“Hey gorgeous,” I cooed, rocking baby Cole in my arms. This baby was perfect, he always let his parents sleep throughout the night and he was only six months old. Kenzie was two and she still kept Zane and me up night after night with her never-ending energy. Zane and I loved her to bits but being woken up at three in the morning, to play barbie's wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world.

“Baby,” Kenzie whined, her bottom lip quivering. “Mummy, baby,” she mumbled pouting, reaching towards me with her tiny hands. And when I didn’t react, she crossed those little arms over her tiny chest and huffed. Hope and I exchanged amused glances, for a two year old she had so much attitude and the only person to blame was her father!

“She’s just like Zane. She won’t back down until she gets what she wants,” Hope chuckled.

I rolled my eyes. “Zane spoils her too much; she’s so used to getting what she wants,” I half smiled, sticking my tongue out playfully at Kenzie. Cole gurgled in my arms and I couldn’t help but grin down at him, he was the spitting image of Ethan; just a lot cuter. And fun sized version that didn’t slap my ass every time he saw me.

“It’s because she’s her daddy’s little princess,” Hope started, she turned back to face Kenzie who was entertaining herself with her frilly pink dress. “Aren’t you?” Hope teased pinching Kenz’s now pouty cheeks. Kenzie giggled and Hope took the opportunity to put the last spoonful of her dinner into her open mouth. Hope jumped up and fist pumped the air victoriously as I laughed out loud at her craziness.

“NOW you can play with Cole!” I laughed. Hope took her out of her high chair, wiped her face and fingers and put her down on the floor. She immediately ran over to me and waited patiently for me to cautiously put Cole down on his play mat.

“BABY!” she shrieked enthusiastically. She kneeled carefully at the edge of the play mat and gazed at Cole in adoration. She was completely fascinated by his tininess and her eyes would light up whenever he did anything. She leant forward cautiously and began stroking his brown hair gently. “Baby,” she grinned.

“That’s Cole sweetie,” Hope smiled.

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