"Hello, Katy," I fix my jacket around me so it covers my chest and down before walking over to the man I haven't seen in ages.

"Daddy?" I whisper before pulling him in for a hug. His hand rests on my upper back as he pulls me into him. I hate that I am wearing this outfit right in front of my dad, no, I honestly just don't like this dress. At least there was a nice black pea coat I found in my bag to go with this. 

"Mr. Winslow," Niall says as he shakes mt fathers hand. We have now pulled away from our long imbrace. 

"Niall, what a lad. I haven't seen you in years," My dad says, a big smile on his face. I don't think he suspects anything, yet. He won't know I hope, at least not yet. 

"You too, sir," Niall is so polite to my father, he always was. 

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you here?" I try to ask in the most polite way possible. He doesn't seem at all offended, which I am thankful for. The last thing I want is for my father to feel like I don't want him, because I do. 

"I came to surprise you, I saw in a magazine that you were the new stylist for One Direction," I lead him over to the couch and he takes a seat. "And I knew Niall here," He motions to Niall as I take the seat next to him. Niall decides to keep his distance from me, knowing how my father can be. "Is in One Direction, So i called Maura and I was so happy to hear that you were here."

"Well, I am so happy to see you," I pull him in for another hug and he rests his head on my shoulder. My mother and father had me at a Young age, so my father looks younger than most people my age do. I pull away and tear upa  little as I look into his green eyes. His hair has a slight grey to it, but you can't help but love the dirty blonde hair. 

"I missed you so much," We finally pull away from our embrace and I look up to see Maura pulling Niall into her side. He rolls his eyes but doesn't make any movement to pull away from his mum. 

"We were just about to go out to dinner to celebrate," Niall says sweetly. "You are welcome to come."

I hope my dad does come, I haven't seen him in a few months and really would love to catch up. But I don't know how he will react to Niall and I being together. He knows how much he hurt me and is very protective over me, even more than Niall is. I remember one time when a boyfriend of mine had broken  up with me for some stupid reason and my dad went ballistic. 

"What are you celebrating?" My father Kindly asks. 

"I am going to be doing the hair and make-up for everyone at the VMAS, with so em help of course," My dad smiles widely as we stand up. 

"I would love to come, I am so proud of you Katy," I smile and walk towards Niall. I almost take his hand but stop myself. I grab my purse and Nialls keys before turning back around. 

"Why don't Niall and I ride together and Maura and you. I don't know where the restaurant is, only Niall and Maura do," Everyone agrees to this and we say our goodbyes. Niall quickly texts the boys to tell them the plans have changed and they say they can't wait to meet my dad. I am so happy he came. He looks so much healthier.

"Don' you think it's a little weird, he just came out of no where?" I ask Niall once he gets in the driver seat. I hand him the keys and he starts the Range Rover. 

"A little, but just be happy right now. Once he finds out we're dating he is going to kill me," I know what he is thinking. My father is a huge Christian and doesn't believe in pre-marriage sex. So if my father were to ever find out about Niall and I having sex, he would probably be more than mad at Niall and I.

"Let's just be careful around him, yeah?" I ask and take his hand in mine. He leans in and pecks my lips before driving out of the driveway. 

"I'll try."

When we make it to the restaurant everyone is already there. Niall lets me hook my arm in his as we tell the guy, Horan. This place is so fancy, I wish Niall didn't take me here just because of this. I mean yes I am so thankful, but I wouldn't have minded to just sit at home with a box of pizza. 

The waiter leads us into the back room with a nice smile and then leaves us to get settled. Niall pulls out a chair for me and i thank him before he takes a seat next to me. My dad takes the seat right in front of me. Liam is to my right, Louis on my dads right. Zayn is beside Maura who is on my dads left. Harry is sat next to Niall. 

"You look lovely tonight, Kate," Zayn compliments. I thank him and then all of the other boys as their compliments arise. I can feel the little bit of tension and awkwardness. In the car I called liam and made him have a pep talk with all of the boys. I don't need them to be yelling out profanities in front of my father. 

Niall rests his hand on my knee and gives it a light squeeze. I know he can feel me being tense, I am just so on edge for some reason. Just something doesn't feel right about this whole thing. He has known about me being on tour for a while, why come now? 

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