I wake up in the arms of my love, my hair splayed out all over the big pillow. I notice how his head is in the crook of my neck and his arms around wrapped around me, we must have moved in our sleep. My arms come to wrap around him in a hug as I feel hear him softly snore. I play with his hair and massage his scalp beneath the pads of my fingers. His snores soon stop and I open my eyes to see a small smile make it's way onto his lips.

"Mornin' beautiful," He places his lips on mine and I can feel the softness of it. His legs wrap around mine to pull us closer, our bodies are intertwined and I never want to leave.

I don't know how much longer we laid in each others naked bodies, but we stayed for a while. A few kisses here and there, lots of kisses actually. I remember how I have a baby girl growing inside me and look up at Niall. "I want to go baby shopping, now that I know the sex we can buy clothes and toys and stuffed animals and-"

I am cut off with a kiss as he laughs into my mouth. "Slow down, babe, we have seven months," He kisses me again before letting go of me and standing up. I watch as he pulls on a pair of boxers before throwing me his t-shirt. I thank him before pulling it over my head.

"Lets go and get ready and then go to the mall," I get out of the big bed and watch as his shirt falls to just below my bum. "Wear longer shirts, this one shows my bum almost."

He walks over to me and turns me to look before biting his lip. "It does doesn't it?" He whispers huskily. The next thing I know is he is pulling me into him and starting a heated make-out.  I feel his tongue slip into my mouth and am hit with a sour taste.

"Go brush your teeth," I say as I pull away. He frowns and pouts while I push him into our new bathroom. "Woah look we already have everything in here."

"I wanted you to feel at home, in our new home," He kisses me softly before going to brush his teeth.

After we are done brushing our teeth, we get dressed. I pull on bright pink lace panties with a bright pink lace push-up bra, I take note on all of the new sets of under wear and outfits I love. I pull on a grey shirt that opens up in the back and struggle to get into a pair of ripped white skinny jeans. I pair my outfit with black vans and let my hair fall over my shoulder in loose brown waves. My make-up is light and I try to not over do it, we are only going baby shopping. Only mascara and a light line of black eyeliner is coated onto my eyes, my lips are a glossy pink and my cheeks are rosy with a more even look over my face, my skin flawless.

When I am done and manage to fit my phone into the back of my jean pocket, I go into our bathroom to slip on the gorgeous diamond ring he has gotten me. It slips onto my left hand ring finger perfectly, I gaze at it before going to see if Niall is ready. I make my way over to his side of the closet to see him typing up a pair of white vans. He is wearing a plaid long-sleeve shirt with dark jeans. His hair is done up in a quiff and I cannot help but swoon a little at the beautiful man in front of me. His smile is bright when he see's me standing in the door way. 

"Ready, Babe?" He asks sweetly before grabbing his wallet and phone. I answer with a nod and kiss to his cheek, my hand slipping into his while we make our way outside.

He opens the door to his black range rover for me and lets me get in before shutting the door. As soon as he is in the car he turns the radio on low and start the engine. It roars to life, we set off on a cruise to go baby shopping. "I was thinking we could go to this little shop a few minutes away from here, first," His fingers link with mine while he drives with his left hand. "It's called Glitters, my mum said you would love it."

"Sure, whatever you want," I lean in and kiss his lips at the stop light, the rest of the ride is silent except for the music playing quietly in the background.

When we make it outside the shop, I see many paparazzi surrounding the front door. I have no clue how they knew we were here, there is no way. They do not even know if I am pregnant. Oh my gosh, they don't know I am pregnant. Well now they do. Niall looks at me worriedly before putting on his ray-bands and jumping out of the car. He is swarmed with paparazzi and a few fans while he comes over to my door to get me. His arm links around my waist and cameras go off. I hide my face in his chest and hold on tightly to his shirt. He whispers how he is sorry all the way to the door. When it opens I am met with Liam and Sophia, standing by rack of clothes awing.

"Oh, They are here," Niall sighs and face palms. I finally let go of him to give Sophia a hug, she has been there for me throughout Niall and Is relationship and I am thankful to have a friend like her. When we let go her smile is vibrant and I hug Liam. I let go and look over at Niall. He is hugging Sophia while he whispers something into her ear. She seems to remember something before turning to me.

"Kate," She takes my hand in hers and pulls us further into the mostly pink store. She points out with a perfectly nude polished finger, probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. It is a new born baby dress with a pink headband, which had a black and white bow. The actual dress is puffy and adorable, it is white at the top with a pink strip separating the white and black and white bottom half that is swirls of roses.

"This, Is, Beautiful," I say happily while my voice gets higher with every word. Niall comes up behind me to hold my baby bump in the palm of his right hand while high fiving Sophia with his left.

"Niall I want this for her," I point at the outfit. He steps away from me to get it before deciding he will. "Ahh, and this," I grab another cute outfit. We end up buying ten different new born outfits, five two-six month old ones, and eight 7-12 month old outfits. That ended up being 23 outfits for our baby girl, six pairs of shoes, and seven little headbands. We also got five baby bottles, three bibs, a few cute burp rags, and a little play sling chair thing that looked cool. In the end Niall bought all of it, much to my protest and promised me he doesn't mind and wants to.

We all leave with Sophia and Liam helping us carry our bags out to the car. They give us hugs before the paparazzi finally move and we get to leave, well here comes us being on the news.

"I am so happy, I cannot wait for our baby girl," I tighten my grip on Nialls hand before kissing his fingers.

"I love you," he says, his eyes not leaving the road. I only kiss his hand more. Him knowing, I love him too.

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