I wake up and immediately don't know where I am. But I look around more and remember how I moved in with One Direction. I smell eggs and bacon and decide to throw on a big sweatshirt and some leggings. I throw my hair into a pony tail and begin to make my way to the kitchen.

I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I only see Niall when I walk in. He looks up from his plate of food and swallows before speaking, "Harry made breakfast, but he had to run to the store to get more eggs."

I was about to laugh when he said more eggs, but I decided to just nod instead. I remember when me and niall were actually best friends, but then he completely left me to start xfactor. I am not mad at him for living his dream, I am mad at him for never contacting some one he has known since the age of 3, me. I immediately start to mess with the bottom of my sweatshirt, a nervous habit. Nialls eyes goes to my hands before he looks back down at his plate of food. I turn to walk away and I hear him call my name. I slowly turn around and cock my head sideways.

"I'm really sorry- about your dad." He stutters and his cheeks flush red as he looks down and quickly shoves food into his mouth.

I feel tear prick the back of my eyes at the thought of my father. But, I blink them away and mumble a quick "Thank you" before walking into the living room.

At least he hasn't told the boys yet, or at least I don't think. I mean he knew how hard it was for me to loose my mom, I mean he was with me at the hospital when it happened, he saw how hard it broke me. He knew I would never be the same after all of that happened. So he must know that I am feeling ten times worse now that I lost my father too.

I am taken away from my sad thoughts when I see the front door open. Liam walks in with bags in his hands and smiles when he see's me. Liam is so kind, I have gotten that from the past few days. You can really tell how much he really cares about the boys. 

"Katy!" He cheers and comes over to me, he gives me a short hug as I stand up from the couch. "Harry is in the parking lot, so can you go wake up Niall and tell him to get some groceries please?" He is so sweet, how can I deny the puppy standing in front of me.

"Sure" I smile and walk into the kitchen. Niall runs into me as I walk into the big room. "Sorry" we both say at the same time. 

"Liam needs you to go help harry with the groceries." I say and start to move out of the way. We both go left and run into each other again. This happens for a third time and niall puts his hands on my arms and softly moves me while his eyes lock with mine. I try to ignore the tingly feeling his hand gives me. We break eye contact and he quickly exits the kitchen without looking back.

I don't know what just happened, but it doesn't need to happen again. I am beyond mad and upset in him for all that he has done to me. He better be sorry, because for many years, I had no one, no one. 

We put all of the groceries up in record time. The four of us end up lounging around the house for a few hours, getting to know each other.

"So, Kate, what do you want to be when you grow up?" Harry asks in a little girl voice and puts his hands on his cheeks to double the look and I giggle.

"I have always wanted to be a make-up artist or stylist." I say and sneak a glance at niall. He is trying to act like he is watching the stupid show that is on the tv, but I can tell he is listening to me.

"You have," He whispers, a little too loud. Liam, to my right on this couch, looks over at Niall and cocks his head sideways. 

"What do you mean, you have?" He asks. Aw, poor confused liam.

"I-I just meant that as in like, oh you have." He covers it up. But I know the truth. Ever since niall and i were little, I would dress him up in the worst outfits or even the best sometimes. And I even did his make-up a few times. I smile a little at the thought and see him smiling at me too, making me know he is remembering these things too. I quickly wipe off my smile and look over to harry at my left.

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