By eleven-thirty everyone had left and now it was just Niall, Clair, and I sitting on our big couch watching the lion king. We all used to watch this all the time when we were younger and now it's almost over, so we decided to watch a bit of it.

"I need to go to bed in a minute, love," Niall says and looks down at me. I am in the middle of Clair and him with my body in the side of Nialls. "I have to get up early and go to the studio again."

I frown and nod. He has been so busy lately, but the boys always check up on me and make sure I am okay. We also will face time while they are at the studio because I love hearing them all sing. They are all just wanting to perfect this album and I do not blame them at all, if I were them I would too. Niall stands up after about five more minutes and stretches. He smiles sadly down at me before leaning down to kiss my lips. It only lasts a few seconds before he pulls away and smiles a real smile.

"I love you," I say it back before he kisses Clair on the cheek and tells us both goodnight. As soon as he exits the room Clair turns to me.

"When is the wedding?" She asks. I think for a moment, we haven't really thought about this at all. It is January right now so I guess some time after the baby we will get married, or maybe before. We haven't talked about it to be quite honest.

"We are still trying to figure that part out," I say and think to myself. She nods and glues her eyes back on our favorite movie.

We watch the rest, by the time it is over the clock on the wall says 12:15, I guess we weren't really half way through the movie when I thought we were. I show her where her room can be and she brings her duffle bag into it. I let her stay in the room at the end of the hallway, near Niall and Is room. I tell her she can just make herself a home and Vivian's room is on the second floor if she needs anything too. And if she needs me at all to just knock on my door.

We hug goodnight, I tell her Vivian will be up around 7:00 like normal, so if she wants to eat then she can have her cook something, or she can just go eat snacks. We say goodnight again and I shut the door to her room before turning to go to Niall and I's room.

As soon as I enter the only light on is the bathroom light so I decide to go their first. I brush out my hair before washing my face, trying to scrub off any make-up and then brushing my teeth. I place my ring in my jewelry box with all of my other ones, except this one is in the middle and is like on a taller spot so it seems more special, it is actually.

When I am done going to the bathroom and getting ready, I go to change. I take off my dirty clothes and throw them in the hamper. I decide to just keep on my bra and underwear but wear one of Nialls shirts. I tip-toe over to the drawers in the side of our big room and open the middle one, it squeaks and I mentally curse. I pull out one of his white ones and pulls it over my head. It falls down to a little above mid thigh and I shut his drawer. I walk as quietly as I can over to the bathroom and shut off the light before walking over to my side of the bed, I almost trip twice but catch myself both times.

As soon as I draw the duvet back, I let out a sigh as I lay back on the soft bed. Niall is sleeping on his back with his left arm hooked around to rest under the pillow, I silently thank god and move to rest in his side. He subconsciously entangles our legs and I rest my head on his bare chest. I can still smell his cologne on him and a small smile makes it's way onto my lips. I places my left hand on his hard stomach before closing my eyes, feeling content.  

I hear the sound of the shower going and turn over, I am hit with a cool spot and instantly know Niall is showering for work. I keep my eyes closed and try to let sleep overtake me again. After about ten minutes, I hear the shower turn off. The bathroom door opens and I open one of my eyes just the slightest bit, to see Niall walking out. He has one towel wrapped around his waist and his body is glistening from water. The steam from the shower makes the room a tad bit warmer, which feels good on a cool day like this. He looks over at me for a split second before walking over to his dresser and opening the second drawer, he smiles slightly and gazes at my sleeping figure. I try to stay as still as I can while he pulls out a white shirt and then opens the last drawer and pulls out a pair of black boxer briefs.

I watch as his towel drops and he pulls the boxer briefs on. His cute bum is on full display for me and I bite my bottom lip to keep from giggling, once they are on his goes to the closet and comes back with a white shirt on, turquoise/greenish jeans, and white Nike's. I decide to close my eyes then, I really do want to sleep. I just love watching him get ready in the morning.

I hear shuffling for a few more minutes before a warm hand is placed on my left cheek, I am laying on my side so that's the only cheek he can even touch. "I have to go to work baby, I love you," He places a kiss on my nose just as my eyes flutter open. His hair is done down in a fringe and he looks adorable.

"I love you," I say huskily and then clear my throat. He kisses my lips before stroking my cheek with the back of his hand.

"Sleep, baby, I will be home before ten," I nod and close my eyes again. His lips meat mine one more time before he places a kiss to my nose and then forehead. His hand goes to run over my tummy before he kisses me one more time. I hear the door shut after a few moments and feel sleep overtake me again.

I am woken up by a hand shaking my shoulder, I groan and turn over to clutch Nialls pillow. It smells exactly like him and calms me for some reason. The person chuckles and I finally open my eyes.

"Kate, it's 10:15 and Vivian said she would make us chocolate pancakes if I got you up," I see Clair's petite body in a pair of pajama pants and a big blue t-shirt, her res hair is up in a high pony tail. I wonder how she manages to look so pretty even when she just woke up. I slip out of the bed and wrap my arms around myself.

"Damn, it's cold," I say and groan. She nods while laughing. I pull on a pair of Nialls sweatpants before pulling my hair into a bun. "Why does Vivian need me?"

"Something to do with the way you are wanting to paint the kitchen," I nod my head and we make our way downstairs. I see Niall and Harry sitting at the kitchen table with pancakes on both of their faces, they continues to laugh at something they said and eat.

Niall looks up when the door to the kitchen opens and smiles widely at me. He places his napkin down next to his plate and stands up off the bar stool to walk over to me. He pulls me in for a hug before kissing my cheek sweetly. "Morning, sleeping beauty," He kisses me lightly before I hear Harry fake a gag.

"Let them be," Clair rolls her eyes and takes the seat next to Harry. I watch as they bicker over how this is a cute moment, but Harry doesn't like PDA unless it's him. Niall and I kiss again before he takes my hand in his and we walk over to our bar stool. I take the seat to his right so the order is, Clair-Harry-Niall-Me.

"Vivian needed me?" I ask and she walks in just at that moment. She is dressed in an apron and her greying hair is done in a big bun. She is actually very pretty for her age, and I am surprised she isn't married. She has a nice floral dress that goes down to her feet and white tennis shoes things.

"Yes, What color are you sure you want these walls to be?" She asks sweetly. I think for a moment and look at Niall. His right hand is places on my thigh while he eats with his left.

"I think we said a dark red-ish brown color," Niall says and looks at me. Oh yeah, I wanted that.

"That and that would be all for the paint," I say and eat a bite out of the pancakes. They taste great, like always and a smile makes it's way onto my face.

"Okay, thank you Kate. I will go and tell the painters right now, When will you both be out of the house?" She asks and washes a few dishes while talking.

"I can take Kate and Clair out to lunch sometime this week or like they can go shopping while I'm recording," Niall suggests. We all nod and she stops and turns around to us.

"So maybe the day after tomorrow? Let's do around 8:00 a.m.," I say that's fine and we all finish eating in mostly silence, a  few words spoken here or there.

As soon as we are done Clair and I go into the living room and take a seat on the couch, I pull out my computer and see I have an email. I open it to see it's a coupon for a baby class, a class for soon to be parents. I see the date and see it's for two days from now.

"Oh Niall," I say and Clair and I both laugh.

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