Nine months, nine months of carrying a bundle of joy in my body. Nine months of anticipation, nine months of future ready to happen. Nine months, it took to see my baby girl. Or at least that's what is suppose to happen, but no, this little rascal hasn't come out yet and it is two days past my due date. TWO. I am suppose to be having a C-section tomorrow if I don't have any more contractions today. Niall hasn't even let me leave the house in the past two weeks but thankfully, I have had him here next to me the whole time.

So now we sit here, in a hospital bed, waiting for at least a small contraction. Anything. The doctors said she is perfectly healthy and nothing is wrong, she is just a late bloomer. Niall kisses my cheek once again, his hands on my stomach. I thank god every day that I only gained weight in my boobs, stomach, arse, and ankles. I will be able to loose the baby weight easily, too, my doctor said so at least. Stretch marks were bound to happen, but I got a special lotion when I was three months in, so I don't have a whole lot, only like one or two on my boobs.

As I sit here watching TV with my love, a small pain hits me in my lower stomach, before a big one comes after. I groan out and clutch my stomach, the size of a melon, and hunch over. Niall immediately goes to get a nurse after kissing me and telling me it will be okay.

As soon as the nurse gets in here, she tells me we need to start with natural birth as fast as we can, she is coming out fast. They prop me on this thing that spreads my legs while Niall clutches my hands, tears in his eyes. I feel the pain come again as nurses and doctors huddle around me, trying to make sure this happens right. I don't ask for any medicine, even though I probably should have.

"You are doing great, baby," Niall says as he wipes the sweat off of my forehead and places a kiss to my lips, his hand clutching mine possibly harder than I am his.

"Next contraction, push as hard as you can, I see a head," I Make a noise between a whine and squeal and nod. I feel another contraction coming and scrunch up my face as I let out a loud groan and feel pressure on my lower body.

"Almost there, come on Kate," Niall coos and kisses me again. I cry out and push as hard as I can, this baby needs to come out now, I cannot wait to se my princess.

"Holy fucking shit!" I exclaim when I push really hard, the burning in my lower region making my eyes well up.

"You are doing amazing," The woman who is helping me deliver my baby says. I push one more time and hear a cry, I sigh and let my head lay back, tears falling from my eyes. I look up to see a wide smile on Nialls face and tears in his eyes. He cuts the umbilical chord and tries to hold back his tears as he is given our baby girl, covered in blood and gross stuff but I couldn't care any less in this moment. She is wrapped in a blanket as the doctors clean her face, Niall never letting her go once.

"Oh my god," I say quietly. Niall smiles at me, handing me our baby girl. I cradle her in my arms, my world. "She is so small."

"I know," Niall gets on his knees by the bed and brings our lips together in a passionate kiss, one full of love.

"We are going to check her to make sure she is all well and healthy, and weigh her," The nurse, who now I notice is named Nancy, takes the little bundle in my arms before moving to another room. I lay back and close my eyes, unbelievably tired. But happy, so very happy.

"What do you want to name her?" Niall asks softly, his hands connecting with mine while his thumb rubs the top of my hand.

"Lacey," I say and smile. I have no clue where that name came from, but the moment I saw her, I knew she was lacy. Niall smiles widely before kissing me and hugging him to me in a sweet hug.

We let go a few minutes later and our baby, Lacey, is brought in here with a soft pink blanket wrapped around her small body, I am overwhelmed with happiness once again as I drink the water the doctor brought out. She is placed in the crook of my elbow while Niall places my water on the table, staring at our new born.

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