I finish straightening my hair and walk out of the bathroom. When my eyes lock with Nialls, I notice how his eyes study my face. I would too if I were him, I know my eyes are red a puffy and I know I probably look like hell. I rather stay home and just hang out with the boys, but I really want to see Liam and I haven't eaten anything in a while.

I pull on my toms and fix the tight black t-shirt to cover my bum. I am wearing leggings, a black t-shirt, and toms. I decided to go more casual, Niall said it wasn't going to be very formal. I take in Nialls appearance, blue-jeans with a t-shirt. His usual. My hands go to my cheeks and brush away any excess pouter or mascara. Niall walks up to me and drops his hands down to grip my hips.

"I can hear you crying through the door," He whispers with glassy eyes. I nod softly before bringing my hands up to caress his lightly stubbly cheeks.

"I'm fine. Everyone has to cry at some point," He nods slightly. I take a step closer and move my arms to wrap around his neck, hugging him to me. His arms pull me tighter against him and I try not to cry again.

A doorbell goes off and I pull away with an empty feeling from being away from him. My cold hands pick up my purse before Niall takes his warm ones in mine and we walk to the door together. He opens the door before I get the chance to.

"Hey, Kate," Louis opens his arms with soft eyes as soon as the door open. I am a little taken aback, not used to this serious side of Louis. I smile a little when he pulls me in for a hug, my head rests on his shoulder while the boys walk in and tell Niall hello.

"I'm Fine, Lou," I say into his ear. He nods while still hugging me. I take his hands in mine and pry them off of me. "I am, really."

He looks at my small smile and squeezes his hands in mine. "I know how it feels, love, it's okay to be sad." I nod and squeeze his hands once more before we both walk into the house to tell the boys hello.

After a few more Hellos and hugs, we are on our way to lunch. The whole car ride Niall holds my hand in his, none of the boys questioning it. When we get there I notice how there are no paparazzi's like there usually is and we have the whole place rented out.

"We didn't want anyone to be breathing down your back," Liam smiles and lightly blushes. My heart wells up at how much thought he put into this.

"Thank you," I smile and hug him. We are lead to our seats and I sit in-between Niall and Liam. I feel a rush of sickness run through me and Stand up.

"I have to use the rest room," Niall nods and I walk to the Lou. I immediately go to a stall and push the door open, I feel a sharp pain go through my stomach up to my chest before I vomit in the toilet. I cough and cough, trying to get it all up.

I hear a knock on the door and go to wash my hands and mouth out. "Come in," I say and dry my hands off.

"Are you okay?" Niall asks with a worried look. Tears well up in my eyes and I quickly shake my head.

"I don't know, I just had a sick feeling and then I just through up," I whine and run to him. He hugs me close to his chest while stroking my back.

"You probably are just really stressed," He says. I nod, agreeing with him. I am stressed. My job, my dad, Niall. Everything is so stressful right now and I just can't take it.

"Can we go straight home after we eat?" I ask. He kisses my cheek before pulling away.

"Of course, now lets go eat," I kiss his lips softly before walking out with him.

We make it to the table and everyone starts a conversation. The sick feeling goes away after a while, no one mentioning my father. I am happy no one did, I would probably have broken down.

 "Come here," Niall says when we enter the house. I walk towards him and put my hands on his shoulders.

"I missed you," I say out of no where. I did. I missed him so much and all I want to do is kiss him until my lips fall off.

"I missed you, love," He leans down and connects our lips. My mouth moves with his while his arms run up and down my body. I am pulled closer to him when his tongue tries to peak into my mouth, I let him enter when a sudden wave of nausea goes through me. I pull away with a  worried look before jogging to the bathroom. I puke as soon as I enter the bathroom, almost missing the toilet.

"Kate," Niall whispers and sighs. I feel a tear go down my face and refuse to look at Niall. I don't know why I feel like this. A thought pops into my mind that can't be true.

"Niall, I know you want to help me, but could you please give me a moment alone?" I hear a breath before the door shuts. My mind goes to one thing, one thing. It can't be though. Niall and I haven't had real sex in a while. But then again, he was in me before my big break down, we also forgot a condom in the moment too. Maybe his pre-cum- no. It can't be. I am not pregnant. I cannot be.

I might as well get a pregnancy test incase. I wash out my mouth, twice, before brushing my teeth.

"Do you still have to go to the studio later?" I ask when I walk into the living room. He slowly nods his head before standing up.

"I have to go in about an hour, why?" He asks. I try to think of something before walking up to him. My hands make their way into his hair before I can even process what is happening. I guess I could kill some time.

"Think we have enough time?" I look up at him and bight my lip. His cheeks flush as his eyes go dark.

"I- I thought you weren't ready?" He stumbles over his words. I giggle a little before attaching his lips to mine. His hands immediately go to my waist and picks me up to wrap my legs around his waist.


Yes this is short, but I just got back from a trip and I am SO tired. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!!!!!! Please vote and comment :)

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