"Wake up." I hear a faint voice say. I it go and try to go back to my sweet dream. I feel something wet touch my face and slowly open my eyes.

"Did you just lick me?" I groan. Niall laughs and throws his head back. His hair is wet like he just got out of the shower and he is in jeans and a t-shirt. 

"Maybe." He says and smirks. A cute little dimple pops out and I restrain myself from poking it. I try to keep a strait face as he puts his hands on the top of the duvet and starts to take it off of me. 

"You wake me up by licking my face and now you are going to make me freeze." I say and try not to laugh. I feel the cool air hit my t-shirt clothed body. Niall smiles and leans into me.

"I'm sorry, you want me to make it up to you by licking you somewhere else?" The way his eyes fill with lust and his words immediately sends fire through me makes me not so cold anymore. 

"I don't know." I tease and kiss him softly.

"I do. You need to get up, we are going to Ireland in an hour." I sit up straight and slap his shoulder. "Ow, what was that for?"

"Teasing the hell out of me and not telling me that we are leaving early." He rubs his shoulder and fake pouts. I stand up and fix the shirt so It goes down to just below my bum while walking over to my bag. I throw everything into it before pulling some underwear and a pair of ripped blue-jeans on. I take off Nialls shirt and throw on a bra before putting it back on. I then brush out my hair and let the curls fall loosely down my back. I pull out my mirror, put on winged eyeliner, then curl my eyelashes. Next, I put a few coats of mascara on and then light pink lip gloss. 

"Ready?" I hear Niall ask. I look over in the doorway to see him with both of our bags on his shoulders. I smile a little. He looks so cute at... I grab my phone to see what time it is. He is so cute at 6:45 in the morning. His eyes are all sleepy and I just want to cuddle with him forever. 

"As ever." I walk over to him and peck him on the lips.

"I still don't understand why you wear make-up. You look beautiful with or without it." I smile and my cheeks heat up a little. 

"Come on now." I giggle and take his hand. 

*                      *                                   *                                        *                              *                                    *

"Wake up." I feel someone nudge my shoulder. I open my eyes to see it is bright daylight. I look over to my left to see NIall opening his door and coming around to open mine. 

"It's 5:00, almost dinner time." Of course he would be mentioning dinner. I laugh a little and step out of the car. 

"Thanks." I say and go to the back. Niall grabs both our bags while I look at his house. I haven't actually been to his house yet, he has his own now that he is older. Here in Ireland, I have been everywhere, but to his house. 

"I love it." I say as he opens the front door. It is elegant but his style. It has a huge flat screen TV and a fireplace with a couch in front of it. He also has a back porch with a grill. I absolutely love it. It feels like home. 

"Good, I knew you would." He sets down our bags and comes over to me.

"Greg is almost here, half an hour away." He smiles and kisses me softly. I haven't seen Greg in probably two or three years, I am kind of nervous honestly. His family doesn't even know we are together. I wander how Theo is doing though, he seemed to like me when I saw him. I am just praying Nialls family won't think I am bad for Niall. I just am nervous. 

"Okay." I say, he can tell i'm nervous. I know he can. 

"It's going to be okay, baby." He says and kisses me again. He then pulls away and takes the bags in his hands.

"Come with me." He walks me into a room down the hall, which I assume is his. I look in there to see a dresser by his window. It has a picture of him and greg as kids, his mother and him. And him and I the summer we went to America. 

I smile at the picture of the twelve year-old us. I am standing next to Niall and he is leaning into me with a big smile on both of our faces. 

"You can sleep in here with me." He says and sets the bags on the floor. I nod and continue to look around. This is exactly how I guessed it would be. He has a fluffy white duvet and white pillows. A window next to his bed and a lamp next to his bed with a desk. 

"Of course I will." I say and walk over to him. He kisses me forcefully before laying me down on the bed. 

"We have half an hour." He kisses down my neck and fire ignites in me. 

*****    *******     ***** ****     **********  ************             **********      *********      ** * ****  **** * *  ** 

"Greg!" I hear Niall exclaim as I brush through my hair. I walk out of the bathroom to see Greg giving Niall a big hug. I look to the right of them to see Denise smiling widely. 

"Denise!" I exclaim and walk over to her. I see her eyes light up as she looks at me and she takes theos hand in hers. She is holding him on her hip, shaking his hand my way.

"Look Theo, it's Kate." He makes a noise mixed between a giggle and gargle. I walk over and hug her. 

"You look so good." My nerves are slowly washing away. I am happy Niall and I got a quickly before they came. 

"You do too." She says back and my cheeks heat up. I take Theo into my hands and he giggles. 

"Hey buddy." I say while playing with him. Niall looks over at me and his eyes fill with love and adoration. 

"Theo." I hand him the baby and he hasn't ever looked happier. 

"He really has missed you." I say to Greg as he hugs me. 

"I have missed him too," 

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