Niall starts to get out of the bed when I grab his wrist, my eyes closed. "Don't go."

He chuckles before laying back in bed, I feel his arms snake around my naked waist while he peppers kisses along my neck. I flutter my eyes open as a smile makes it's way onto my face.

"It's 9:02," He says showing me his phone. I watch his phone turn on and see a picture of us as his screen saver. His cheeks blush the slightest so I decide not to comment on it to embarress him further. He sets his phone down and snuggles into the warm covers with me further. I turn in his embrace so I can face his beautiful smile.

"I have been thinking about us a lot lately," He seems to tense. I quickly add, "Nothing bad."

He visibly relaxes before pulling me closer, our naked bodys pressing against each other. "What were you thinking, love?"

" I am just so thankful to have you in my life. You are more than I could ever ask for, you treat me like a princess, and I love you," I feel my eyes water and curse in my head. "And now I am crying for no reason and I feel stupid." He laughs and pulls me so my head rests on his chest. I feel the tears slowly desolve into no more wet eyes and I silently thank god. I have been such an emotional wreck.

"I am even more thankful to have you, and our baby. And I treat you like a princess," he pauses and leans in to connect our lips in a sweet kiss. "Because you are my princess."

I blush slighly and roll around so I can have my back against Nialls chest. He wraps his arms around my waist, trying to get me as close to him as possible. I feel my breathing start to even and feel a wave of tiredness come over me. My eyes close and I go still in his arms, loving the feeling of being skin to skin with my love.

It had been not even ten minutes of silence when the door is pushed open and Louis walks in. I groan and hide a little under the covers, thankful that I had pulled the comforter over my chest. NIall sits up with his hand coming out to shoo Louis away. He shakes his head before walking further in.

"You seem to forget that I have seen you two about to get at it before,"He scoffs before taking a seat at the end of the bed. I roll my eyes and  turn over to hide in Nialls chest.

"What do you want, Lou?" Niall grumbles and rubs my back doftly under the covers. "We are trying to get a little more sleep in before a hectic day."

"Maybe if you two didn't have sex every hour of every day, you would have more sleep time," Louis smirks evily. I see Niall bite back a smile and roll his eyes. "And aren't you pregnant?"

I turn my head and narrow my eyes. "Shut up. The boys could hear you," this time he is the one to roll his eyes. "And you think we couldn't hear you two?"

I turn my head quickly to NIall and the smirk is gone from his face. "You lot were gone recording I thought,"

"We got back half an hour ago," I hide my face in NIalls chest while Louis laughs. "Okay, you two get dressed. You both need to be at the photoshoot in half an hour."

He finally leaves the room, promising to text Niall the address. We lay in bed for a few more minutes before finally getting up. I stand up and stretch a little, not caring that Niall is watching me so closely right now. "I call first shower," I say fast while Niall groans. We end up both making it into my bathroom, a yelp escaping my mouth when Niall smacks my bare bum.

"Nice arse," I slap his chest and he pulls me in for a kiss.

"Nice face," I giggle as he breaks out in a laughing fit.

"Okay, Kate. You go with Lou, Niall go with Caroline," Niall kisses me on the lips softly before I am lead with Lou into a small room with lots of clothing racks. I immediately am pushed to the clothing racks with skinny jeans and sweaters. Lou knowing they are my favorite.

"You and Niall are going to be on the cover of GQ for couple of the month," I feel my like my smile can't get any bigger as I pick out a few outfits.

I take off my leggings and go to put on a pair of leather skinny jeans. I pull them on and they feel fine until it comes to buttoning them. I barely even zip them before my eyes begin to water, I am already getting fat. I sniff a little too loud because Lou comes in.

"Oh doll, maybe I got the wrong size. Don't trouble yourself," I nod and take them off. She looks at them and shakes her head a bit. "Maybe they run small?"

"I wore these in my last photoshoot, Lou," I look down as a tear falls from my face.

"Maybe you are just bloted. Maybe you are about to you know, get your period," I know she is just trying to make me feel better.

"That's impossible," I whispered as another tear falls. The pants fall from her grasp and she stands there with her jaw dropped.

"You're not-" She stops and lifts her hand to cover her mouth.

"I am," I whisper and Sit down on the small couch. I place my face in my hands and let a few tears slip. "It didn't mean to happen, but I don't regret it the more time goes on," I say as I lift up my face. SHe has a small smile and is staring at me intently. "I think about how I have a human beeing growing inside me. My very own baby. It's going to be tough, but I am willing to try. So is Niall."

She has tears in her eyes as she pulls me in for a hug. "I felt the exact same way when Lux came along," I am happy she doesn't look down on me just for this one mess up, even though it did bring a new life to this earth.

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