"You are luck you don't have a concert today." I say as I glare at Niall. I am sat on the couch as Niall walks in groaning. 

"Shut up." He moans and stomps over to me. I eat my eggs and bacon and he takes a seat next to me. I take a sip of my apple juice when it is taken out of my hand mid sip. I look over to see Niall gulp down the whole cup.

"Thanks." He mumbles and sets to empty cup down. Liam walks through the door looking like hell and louis trails after him. I stand up to get more juice when Niall tugs my arm.

"I need Advil." He pouts and tugs my arm again.

"Then I will get you Advil, grumpy." I say and he lets go. I pass Louis and liam. Liam mumbles a small 'good morning' to me before sitting himself on the couch next to Niall. I look over to see him eating my breakfast and shrug, I couldn't care less honestly.

I end up getting them all some juice and an Advil. I walk back into the room to see all five of them half asleep around the chairs and couches. Harry is curled up in a ball on a chair and Zayn is leaning against the couch asleep on the floor. Niall is a little more awake but is still groaning when Liam or louis try to speak to him.

"Niall is the worst with hangovers." Liam says to me and I hand him an Advil.

"I'm fine, thank you though," I give it to louis and he thanks me before gulping it down.

"I know, he is usually super grumpy." I say and hand Niall my apple juice and then the Advil.

"Thanks, love." He mumbles before taking the pill. I take a seat between louis and Niall and louis leans on my shoulder. I giggle a little as he slowly falls asleep. 

"No, mine." Niall snaps and flicks louis' head. Louis' eyes shoot open and he leans away from me.

"Ow. Fine." He frowns and leans the other way. Niall on the other hand has a big frown on his face and is holding my arm. 

"I love you Kate." He says and kisses my cheek sloppily while I giggle.

"I love you too Ni." I say and move a little so I can get more comfortable. Niall ends up laying his head in my lap and I end up resting up against louis' side. As we all close our eyes and hope sleep to take over, I hear louis mumbling.

"I just wanted to rest.... I was only trying to be comfortable... idiot is whipped."

"I am not whipped." Niall groans and all the boys scoff. 

"Yah you are mate." Zayn speaks up for the first time. I giggle and Niall looks up to me.

"You don't think i'm whipped, right baby?" He asks sweetly and I have to stop myself from pinching his cute cheeks. 

'No darling." I coo and kiss his lips softly. I can hear the boys gags, despite the kiss being a peck. 

"Whipped." I hear Harry cough and laugh. Everyone laughs and I start to stand up.

"I have stuff to do, so you boys can rest and do whatever the hell you want." I say and all fo them get this look in their eye.

"Except go to a strip club." I say quickly. Harry and Zayn groan while Louis and Niall pout. I shoot Niall a glare and he takes his hand in mine.

"I wasn't really going to go to a strip club. I was going to go wherever you go." I see a little truth behind his joke,

"Sure Ni." I say and start to walk into the bunk room to get dressed. Niall follows me and Shuts the door. I pull off my tank top and try to ignore Nialls eyes on me.

"Where are you going today?" Niall asks and awkwardly stands by the door. I know he is trying to restrain himself, and I give him props for that. But the poor boy looks so tense.

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