"Princess, come here," I turn at the sound of Nialls voice. My feet carry me to stand in front of him. We are in the airport waiting for the boys to land. Their flight will be here in half an hour and I can't wait. I move to sit in his lap and he moves a little so he can wrap his arms around my waist. 

"Sorry," I mumble and rest my head on his chest. My back is pressed up to his and my bum is in his lap. I am so nervous because I haven't seen the boys in a while. I am not necessarily nervous, I am just impatient. 

"It's okay, I know you aren't one for getting up at 5;00 a.m." I nod and close my eyes. I feel his heart beat against my ear. We are waiting still, but Maura is at the house. I insisted on letting her stay. I know she needs to sleep, It's been a long week. 

"I'm tired," I wine as my eyes feel even heavier. I keep them closed and let my breathing steady. I feel his heart beat against my chest. His hands softly run over the skin on my hip, his hand up my shirt the slightest bit. I can feel his breath fan over my head as I turn a little so I can curl up into him. I know we are in public, but this is an airport. There are actually people laying across chairs sleeping, so I think I am okay. 

Niall rests his own head on top of mine as I think about us. I have known him my whole life and never once expected we would fall in love. He is absolutely the only thing that keeps me going. I feel bad for not being perfect all of the time, but then I remember Niall would never judge me. I can still remember the first time we kissed, I can still remember the first time he made love to me. Those are the moments I cherish. The moments no one can see. The moments you can't ever re-live. 


"Wake up," I feel myself being shook and I grip onto Nialls white t-shirt. I quickly sit up and Turn towards the end of the airport. I see a mop of curly hair and jump out of Nialls lap. He looks confused before seeing it himself and standing up. I run over to harry and give him a big hug. He immediately hugs me back before pulling away, beaming. 

"Kate!" I turn my head to see Zayn. I pull him in for a hug and he hugs me tightly.I pull back and look for the person I missed the most probably.

"Liam!" As soon as I am wrapped up in his strong arms, I know I am safe. He is home to me, always making sure I am okay. I don't let go until Louis taps my shoulder. I turn and give him a hug. I sneak a glimpse of Niall giving Harry a manly hug and Liam about to pull him in for one. 

"I missed you lads so much," I say and pull away from Louis. They all smile at me and Niall as he pulls me into his side. 

"We missed you," Liam says back. He looks pretty happy, which makes me even happier. They all look pretty tired though. They need rest. 

"My mum can't wait to see you," Niall says and keeps his arm around my waist. I can feel the some tension between Harry and Niall as Harry looks down at my waist and back up to Nialls eyes. 

"Let's go then," Zayn says. They all pick up their bags and put it on their shoulders. We make our way to the car while Niall holds my hand the whole time. We get in, ready for a eventful car ride ahead. 

"Liam, Zayn!" Maura exclaims as she pulls them in for a hug, I walk past their embrace with a small smile on my lips. Niall, Harry, and Louis were watching TV in the living room while I went back to sleep. I just walked into the kitchen to get water after my nap, but caught Maura in a big hug with Liam and Zayn. It's nine o'clock now, so I should probably be awake anyways. 

"Princess?" I hear when I open the door to the living room. I look over at Niall who has a big smile on his face. He stands up, takes my hand and leads me to the couch. I take a seat next to him, our thighs touching. He puts his arm around the back of the couch. His other is resting on the cushion next to him.

I look about and see Harry and Louis on the couch next to us, on my left. I look at Niall confused and he seems to remember something. 

"The boys and I were going to go out to the club tonight," I understand now. He waned to make sure I was okay with him leaving for the club alone with the boys. I honestly don't mind. 

"That sounds like fun, you should go," I smile at Louis and Harry who look surprised. "what? Did you think I wasn't going to let him go out with you?"

They quickly shake their heads, good. "Go, Have fun," I get up and walk into Nialls room. I pull out my head phones and my ipod. I take out a pair of legging from my bag and a tank top. Next I pull out a workout jacket, a sports bra, and my tennis shoes. The pink Nike's are brand new. 

I start to take off Nialls shirt when The door opens. I try to put my shirt back on my body but I get stuck. I hear a chuckle that resembles Nialls and The shirt is off my head within seconds.

"You scared me, I didn't know who it was," I say and try to cover my bare boobs. I wasn't wearing a bra and i'm not in the mood for Niall acting up. 

"Who else would it be?" Niall asks as he leans down to kiss my jaw. I keep my hands covering my chest as he pampers kisses down to my collar bone. He sucks on it a little before licking over it. I keep my eyes closed as he continues to mark me. 

"Niall," I groan when he pulls away. I can already feel the sting of a new love bite. 

"Your mine," He mumbles before moving back. I roll my eyes but can't help but feel giddy inside. He gets so jealous easily, it's honestly adorable. I turn around and put on my sports bra as quickly as I can before turning back around. I bump into Niall and stumble back before he pulls me close to him. My naked stomach presses against his. My head goes into the nape of his neck as I stand on my toes. 

I close my eyes as he rubs my back. I pull away and take off my pants. I pull up my legging before putting on the tank top and jacket. I put my phone into my jacket pocket and headphones. My tennis shoes fit great, which I hoped. So I tie them up and walk out of the room. Niall trails behind me. I pull my long hair into a pony tail.

I pass each of the boys and wave to them. They are all sat around on the couch watching TV. Maura is sitting in between Liam and Harry, laughing about something. 

I make my way to the door, Niall hot on my tail. I turn quickly and kiss him on the lips. Our lips smack together and I kiss him with so much passion. His tongue makes its way into my mouth and It turns even more heated then I meant. I run my hands through his hair as his run all along my sides. I pull away after about a minute or so. 

"Love you," I kiss his lips one more time before letting go of his hair and leaving to go on a run. 

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