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On their way they halted at a place known as Tortuga. Lisa decided she would stay back there because many travelers come and go by and she might get a chance to meet Jack once more, because Jack often visited Tortuga. Some pirates quickly recognized Lisa as the king and took her in. "You have to help me to find Jack" Lisa asked for their help as they readily agreed.

But the hunt of Davy Jones was still not over yet he only needed Lisa to get the key and open the chest. Lisa sailed on the sea for months but to her ill luck was caught by Davy Jones and his crew. The news of the kidnapping of the king of the Pirates by Davy Jones once more spread like wildfire and the Pirates came together searching for Davy Jones but he was cunning after he captured Lisa, he quickly rowed away to island where the chest was kept hidden.

"Now I got the key and the chest no one can stop me to reclaim the Dutchmen" jones gave an evil laugh as they walked the forest of the island. "What should we do?" Lisa whispered. "I've a plan" calypso whispered back.

As they reached the spot where the chest was hidden, the crew members began to dig. Jones already took the key from Lisa and was patiently waiting for his crew members to pick up the chest as the chest was picked up and jones opened it. They saw the beating heart of Will in there. Oh my gosh? Lisa thought as she saw the heart.

At that very moment the crew of Barbossa and Jack reached the spot and clash of swords were heard everywhere. "Now" calypso yelled as Lisa quickly ran forward grabbed the heart on her palms and raced towards the shore with calypso. She wrapped the heart with her scarf and put it in her pouch. "Where shall we go?" Lisa questioned. " Davy Jones men are everywhere we need to look for the pearl" calypso yelled as they searched for the pearl. The pearl was far away and to swim there was next to impossible, they searched for empty boats.

They spotted some empty boats in and around the shore some belonged to the crew of Davy Jones, some Barbossa and some Jack. They took the one which they could row easily and headed toward the black pearl. There was joe and bill on the pearl and no one else. "Row the ship" calypso commanded. "But our captain is not here" Joe looked at calypso. "That doesn't matter because the king is here and we have to row before the crew of Davy Jones catches us. Barbossa and Jack will be just fine" calypso gave a stern look as joe and Bill quickly rowed the black pearl away searching for the Flying Dutchmen.

"We should give the heart back to Will he would know what to do" calypso looked at Lisa. "What about Davy Jones?" Lisa questioned. "After we reach the Dutchmen we will assemble forces to hunt for him and he will be caught this time king.....don't worry" calypso smirked. To their good luck the Flying Dutchmen found them within a week time. "My lady" Will came and hugged Lisa. "She has your heart I see and she even carries it in her pouch" calypso grinned. "Take it" Lisa handed the pouch over to Will. "My lady, I want you to be safe but you can't stay on the Flying Dutchmen for more than a week because your a mortal so you go with calypso back to her home as soon as jones is caught I'll send word to you" Will kissed her forehead as Lisa and calypso headed to the place where calypso reside.

Lisa stayed with calypso for a month learning about the sea and the pasts. She and calypso became good friends. Lisa never had any close friends but now she did have three most reliable friends on the sea Jack, Barbossa and Calypso. Will she's not sure if he's a friend or more? Or maybe lesser after all the mess they have been through and Will's past and he being the captain of the Dutchmen. The day finally came when Jack sparrow and Barbossa visited calypso and Lisa. Lisa was overjoyed she hugged Jack and Barbossa tightly.

They gave her the good news that Davy Jones was caught and his crew were slain and he was on trial by the pirate lords, where Lisa being the king was requested to attend the council. Lisa agreed and they headed to shipwreck cove once again for the gathering where debate was held for three days of what they should do with Davy Jones. Lisa wanted to send him to the land of no return without executing him or feeding him to the kraken but the votes were not enough as three of them had different view and the other three different view and Lisa, Barbossa and Jack another view. She longed for Will but he couldn't come back to shore for the next ten years.

During this council the Royal Navy under the leadership of Karl and Reed surrounded shipwreck cove, they decided to end piracy once and for all by dooming all the pirate lords for good and taking Lisa back to Raven hill. When the news of the Royal Navy surrounding the cove spread the pirate lords were scared they knew they couldn't defeat the navy because they were outnumbered.

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