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The Pirates all under the leadership of Lisa their king, decided to take a stand and fight the Royal Navy because there was no escape and to rot in shipwreck cove was not their destiny. They were pirates, they were born to fight. Everyone boarded their ship Lisa, calypso, Jack and Barbossa got into the black pearl. "The enemy is more than we expect.....we should free calypso" Jack looked at Lisa. "Without the nine pirate lord we cannot and Will is not here" Lisa gasped. "If Will is here we don't need to free calypso, we can call the kraken" Barbossa yelled.

"I'll not permit such an act my father as well as George is on the ship" Lisa looked shocked. "But if we don't they will kill us all" Barbossa looked at Lisa. "I'll make a deal with them, give them what they want so that they would let us go" Lisa responded. "The Royal Navy wants us dead, they want no deal" Jack exhaled. "We will only know after we try" Lisa said as she got into a boat with calypso, Jack and Barbossa and sailed to an island nearby where George, Lisa's father and the head of the Royal Navy Karl as well as the commodore of the Royal army Reed came.

"So you all came here to bargain with the royals" Reed looked at them. "Yes indeed" Barbossa smirked. "Too bad we want all the Pirates dead" Karl chuckled. "Except for Lisa" George looked at her. "I'm furious at you young lady, I'll lock you up in the dungeons if I've to" Lisa's father growled as he looked at her. "You have no right to speak that way to our king" Jack interrupted. "King don't make me laugh" Lisa's father was furious. "Father I'm the king even if you like it or not" Lisa hissed.

"So you choose them over us? Your own family" Lisa's father eyes were burning in anger. "They are more family to me then you all, you all treated me like a thing. Never caring for what I like, what I want in life and when I grew up you gave my hand away even without my opinion, there's no love in you or mother. The only love you have is for your own selves.....both of you" Lisa said trying to hold back her tears. Lisa father nearly slapped her but Jack stopped him "I won't do that if I were you" Jack hissed as he looked him in the eye.

"Stop this family drama right here" Karl sounded annoyed. "Let's talk about the deal now, the nine pirate lords should hand over their power to the Royal Navy and run under our command then we will let you all go in peace" reed smirked. "And Lisa comes with us" George looked at Lisa. "No never, we are pirates not puppets" Barbossa yelled. "Then suit yourself and prepare to die" Karl looked at them in anger. At that very moment Will appeared on the island. Lisa was shocked he can't walk on land for the next ten years then how did he? Then she looked at him properly wherever he walked water followed him but how she thought.

"I know what your thinking my lady, it's not magic it's just that this island is really small just about 50 feet in length and breadth and not even a single life grow in it. Will can travel on island or rocks that are situated in the middle of nowhere, like he can walk on ships because they are all in the sea but the bigger islands with lots of plantations he cannot" calypso whispered. "So I'm here to offer you all a bargain" Will looked at the royals. "The captain of the Dutchmen" Karl murmured. "Let the Pirates go then in return. I won't kill you all" Will smirked.

"And how are you suppose to do that?" Reed questioned. "The crew of the Dutchmen are immortal and we have the kraken" Will grinned. "It's a myth" Karl yelled. "Will here speaks no lies" Jack came forward. "We are not afraid of the kraken" Karl hissed. "You should be" Barbossa smirked. "If you want war, war is what you will get" Reed yelled. "Lisa come with us" George came and grabbed her hand. "I can't George, I'm part of the sea now" Lisa looked at him. "No you are not you are never a pirate they did this to you" George looked into her eyes.

"No they didn't, my heart always belonged to the sea and this is my decision to live in the sea till my dying day" Lisa gasped. "Don't speak of such nonsense if you choose the sea you will be dead to me and your mother" Lisa father yelled. "I was dead to you both from the day I was born when you both took me as a disgrace to the family. I know father I'm not your child" Lisa looked at her father. Everyone was silent.

Lisa was not the daughter of Lisa's father before Lisa's mother got married to Lisa's father she was already two months pregnant, which Lisa father didn't know and only after their marriage he came to find out. Lisa father took Lisa as a disgrace to their family and wanted to give Lisa up for adoption but they couldn't. Lisa's parents both took Lisa as a burden to their family from her childhood, she was treated differently from the others when she was 16 she found out the truth about her life but she kept silent until now.

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