The End

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"Will" Lisa looked at him. "Lisa" Will came forward "I love you" he said looking into her eyes. "I love you too" she said smilingly. A wide smile passed his lips "will you marry me?" He got down on one knee as he proposed. "Say yes" everyone yelled. George gave Will the diamond ring "put it on her" George smiled. "will you Lisa?" Will expression failed. "I'm only 19 and I always thought I'd marry only when I was older but with you I'd have said yes, even when I was 16" Lisa smiled. "So is that a yes?" Will eyes grew wider. "That's an aye! in pirate language" Lisa giggled. Will stood up and put the ring on her finger, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her deeply.

As everyone cheered Lisa backed away blushing. "So the wedding should be at sea then" Lisa father yelled as everyone rejoiced. The wedding took place the next month and Lisa's family as well as George and Elizabeth attended the wedding. It was a small gathering on the black pearl, but for Lisa it was the biggest celebration of her life everything made sense for her now her escape from Raven hill, the breaking of her engagement, meeting Jack, being a pirate King and finally falling in love with Will it was all meant to be.

No one was happier than Will, he found his true purpose in life and he did realize if one is lucky love comes more than once in a lifetime. After the wedding ceremony got over Will and Elizabeth came face to face with each other. Elizabeth saw Will the way he was 30years ago and she was never the same. She have grown weak and weary and tired but Will still had that energy and charisma in him. "It's nice to see you" Will smiled. "It's nice to see you too" Elizabeth smiled back. There was an awkward silence between them then Elizabeth spoke out "I'm happy it didn't work out between us, because now you got who you really wanted". "I guess this is life, we face what we have not planned" Will smiled.

"And I'm happy for you Will always was, always will" Elizabeth smiled. "And I'm happy for you too miss swann" Will bowed his head "I mean Mrs Philip" he chuckled. "I'll always be miss for you wouldn't I?" Elizabeth giggled. "And I'd always be that pirate son who you and your father saved years back, who grew up to be a blacksmith and later a pirate" Will chuckled. "And now a loving husband" Elizabeth exhaled. "And your a loving mother now and George do have you heart" Will smiled. "I guess he does" Elizabeth pressed her lips "can you find the fountain of youth for Lisa?" She questioned. "That I'd work on as soon as the reception is over" Will replied. "Very well mr Turner captain of the Dutchmen, till we meet again be happy and never let Lisa go" Elizabeth waved as she got down from the pearl and rowed away to her ship.

Lisa bid farewell to her family with tears in her eyes. She always wanted to be at the sea but now she knew how much she was going to miss them all. "I'll visit once a year" Lisa yelled as they rowed away. Lisa and Will both thanked George as he congratulated them and as the sun was going down on the horizon Will looked at Lisa "now our next mission is to hunt for the fountain of youth". All the crew members cheered "aye". "So you won't get fed up to spend an eternity at sea with me?" Lisa laughed. "Even thousands of eternity is not enough my lady" Will smiled as he came forward and kissed her deeply and as the sun went down the pearl rowed away looking for the fountain of youth.

***The End***


I hope you guys liked it, I want to thank everyone who have liked, commented and added my work in your libraries that meant a lot. I'd be trying to publish more pirate stories in the days to come.

Thank you once again...

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