18th century

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''Lisa it's the day of your engagement and your still asleep'' mother yelled as she walked in. Lisa woke up grumbling. She didn't want to marry George Philip. George was the captain of the Royal Navy. The most eligible bachelor in their town. Lisa lived in a small town named Raven hill it was one of the country's best dock yard. Hundreds of ships come and go everyday.

Lisa's father was a struggling merchant and when a marriage proposal came from George for his eldest daughter Lisa. Lisa's parents couldn't belief their luck. Lisa had four younger siblings. Two boys and two girls. They didn't think twice but accepted the proposal merrily. George fell for Lisa when he first saw her on the dock waiting for her dad. From that very day he decided to marry her.

''Mother but I'm still 18" Lisa grumbled as she got ready. "I got married when I was 16 and almost all of your friends are married are you planning to marry when your 30?" mother growled. "Yes I'm" Lisa hissed. The engagement was held at George's place. All the important people in Raven hill attended from the Mayor to general of the army and the navy. Lisa's parents felt important and proud.

After a month the wedding was to be held. Lisa didn't like the idea of an arrange marriage. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life with someone she barely knew. She finds George a really boring person. He even speaks in a tune that only the rich people in England spoke and Lisa was not born and brought up that way. She never liked the way the rich lived. She wanted to become a sailor and sail the sea, she wanted to discover new lands and know more people.

But during their time women were suppressed. They were not allowed to sail. Even though Lisa pleaded her father a thousand times he never took her to the sea. She wanted to see what lies beyond Raven hill. After a week the town was buzzing with the capture of a person named jack sparrow. It was believed that he was an pirate and a person who cannot die, everyone was scared.

As for Lisa she found this news rather amusing. She had never seen a pirate in her life and she heard how adventurous a pirate life was she wanted to know everything about him and his life she decided to sneak in one night and meet him.

It was a Sunday evening when Lisa sneaked into the cellar where jack sparrow was jailed. "Hello" Lisa smiled. Jack walked up to her "what is a beautiful young maiden like you doing in these cellars?" Jack questioned as he was behind the bars. Lisa noticed he looked rather weird. He had long hair and wore a brown hat. Some of his hair were braided and he wore some rather weird accessories that she have never seen. But his face was interesting.

"I'm Lisa and I've come to talk to you" she smiled. "Talk to me?" He laughed. "Yes I've heard about you, people say you are immortal and a pirate they are scared of you but I'm not. I want to know more about you" she smiled. "That's rather odd but I wouldn't mind spending some time with a lady like you" he smiled. Lisa asked him where he came from and about his adventures. Jack told her about the sea and places she have never heard of and the adventures he had. That night Lisa couldn't sleep she kept thinking about jack and his adventures.

Two days have passed by and Lisa couldn't control herself anymore. She had to meet jack once more to know more about the sea. She was planning to run away from home but she needs to know more about the sea. As night approached she sneaked in again. As she and jack were conversing. Lisa asked "jack I want to escape from Raven hill could you help me?". "And why a young maiden like you would like to escape?" He questioned. Lisa told him how she loved the sea from the start and her urge to live an adventurous life and how she's engaged to George a person she barely knew.

"I'd live in the sea rather than marry someone I barely know" she gasped. "I feel you my lady and I promise you, I'd help you but for that you must help me to get out" he smirked. Lisa knew that jack was a pirate and freeing him would be a crime but after talking to him Lisa grew fond of him. She knew in her heart jack was not a bad person and she was ready to help him. She didn't care wherever she go as long as it's the sea.

The next morning Lisa went to Georges place in his absence and stole the spare key to jacks prison. After reaching home she packed her stuffs and as night fell she went to the cellar and freed jack. Jack took her to the dock and from there they stole a boat and sailed off. That night there was a celebration in Raven hill and that's the reason why the streets and the dock were empty no one knew they fled from Raven hill. Lisa lied to her parents she was ill and stayed back home without joining her family in the celebration.

As the sun rose up Lisa woke up yawning she couldn't belief she was on the sea at last. "Hurray" she yelled. As jack woke up in shock "you scared me" he said. "I'm sorry but I was so excited" she squeaked. "Now we have to hurry up and find a bigger ship before your people catch us" jack said as they both rowed harder and faster.

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