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Crossing Blades (POTC FanFiction)  by jessicateresee
Crossing Blades (POTC FanFiction) by Jessica Terese
Evelyn Archer is like none other, yet no other knows Evelyn - the true Evelyn. Pushed to Port Royal for some unknown reason, she believes that it was just the wind. Or...
  • jack
  • originalcharacter
  • piratesofthecaribbean
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MAELSTROM | ʲᵃᶜᵏ ˢᵖᵃʳʳᵒʷ [1] by vii-xix
MAELSTROM | ʲᵃᶜᵏ ˢᵖᵃʳʳᵒʷ [1]by © wormy
"JACK SPARROW DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE WANTS" After being rescued from Davy Jones's Locker, Jack Sparrow sets out to find the Fountain of Youth. But when he loses...
  • tiadalma
  • fantasy
  • davyjones
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Pirates (A Will turner fanfic) [COMPLETED] by madeinmiddleearth
Pirates (A Will turner fanfic) [ Legolas Greenleaf
(#34 POTC) When Lisa was engaged to George at the age of 18 against her will she flee from home with a man named jack sparrow where she meets William turner captain of t...
  • potcfanfictionawards
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • captainwillturner
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To the End by MaddyGrace98
To the Endby Maddy
The adventure continues as Sophie set out with Jack's crew to save from the locker. Romance, surprises and a new exciting tale await. As the Brethren Court call an impor...
  • atworldsend
  • potc
  • love
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Hidden Past by GeekyChick0223
Hidden Pastby Arya Suna
Victoria Jones is a Pirate. The Pirate. Being hunted by her father, and saught after by one Lord Beckett. Victoria and a crew of miscreants race to find Jack Sparrow an...
  • theblackpearl
  • captainjacksparrow
  • davyjones
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Adeena Cole: At World's End by -CaptainJackSparrow-
Adeena Cole: At World's Endby ainsley
I have a problem. Several, in fact. Shall I list them off for you? Firstly: Jack was very much dead. Now, he's back and breathing and just as pirate-like as ever. Second...
  • willturner
  • barboussa
  • davyjones
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Promises (Pirates of the Caribbean/James Norrington Love Story) by AlaudeAbyss
Promises (Pirates of the Alaude Ulysses Abyss
I noticed there isn't a lot of stories about James Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean.. I decided to make one! :D .....and also because I can't stop having dreams...
  • norrington
  • curseoftheblackpearl
  • atworldsend
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How You Met Him (Jack Sparrow X Reader) by The_Kleptomancer
How You Met Him (Jack Sparrow X PerfectAutogeneratedSequence
"You impudent imbecile, you shaggy, formless creature, you mascara smitten man-whore, you---" You are Lord Beckett's daughter, illegitimate if you will accept...
  • violence
  • bootstrap
  • kraken
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales by Ahsoka-2Sabers
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mirkwood Elf
"Psst! Avast there! It be too late to alter your course, mateys... and there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, waitin' to board. Sit closer together, and...
  • elizabethswann
  • deadmanschest
  • willturner
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Tainted ~ POTC ~ by Peaches88888
Tainted ~ POTC ~by Peaches88888
"I was once a girl of virtue." "What happened??" "I met a sparrow is what happened."
  • atworldsend
  • carinasmythe
  • action
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Jack Sparrow Oneshots  by fleetstreetcastaway
Jack Sparrow Oneshots by Sleepy Wiccan :)
A collection of Jack Sparrow x Reader oneshots hope you all enjoy ❤️
  • onstrangertides
  • blackpearl
  • jacksparrow
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Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Edge of the World by fantasticfantasylass
Pirates of the Caribbean: At the fantasticfantasylass
(Sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Chest of Secrets) Maggie and Captain Jack Sparrow are now stuck in Davy Jones Locker, lucky for them Will Turner, Elizabeth Swa...
  • humor
  • captainjacksparrow
  • atworldsend
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Of The Devil And His Daughter by annaswintour
Of The Devil And His Daughterby alex
"When you said I was the child of the sea, I didn't know that's what you meant," I hissed angrily at an already drunk Jack that was pacing back and forth in fr...
  • pirates
  • stonehenge
  • captainbarbossa
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Never-Ending Love (James Norrington X OC) (Love Story) by ZONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Never-Ending Love (James ZONEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I Recently Found A Story Called Promises... I HATED IT! JAMES NORRINGTON IS MOI BEAN! so... I decided I would make a story about my OC and him... also, i've been thinkin...
  • curse
  • awe
  • dmc
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The Trash Fanfic by Linkhail
The Trash Fanficby Linkhail
Three people will find themselves in a mysterious situation, three different worlds: The Sky, The Shadow, and The New World. These three people will be the cause of the...
  • link
  • collision
  • modernworlders
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The Tail of Coralie [Rewriting] by CrimsonAdri
The Tail of Coralie [Rewriting]by CrimsonAdri
Young Elizabeth Swann stumbles upon a young mermaid washed up on the beach of Port Royal. This young girl goes with her to live a life as a human for the next eight year...
  • captjacksparrow
  • atworldsend
  • pirates
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Unwanted (Pirates of the Caribbean Fan Fiction) [Completed] by MrsAdriaGreenleaf
Unwanted (Pirates of the Adria (Luci)
Riya Smith doesn't have a clue of what her past was like. The only thing she knows is that she was found and raised by Captain Jack Sparrow. She was born a pirate and pi...
  • atworldsend
  • piratesofthecaribbean
  • abandonment
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Pirates of the Caribbean Facts by EnigmaticWordsmith
Pirates of the Caribbean Factsby EnigmaticWordsmith
How much do you know about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series? This book will cover what you may or may not know about one of the most popular franchises ou...
  • atworldsend
  • salazarsrevenge
  • orlandobloom
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Davey Jones' Locker | Pirates of the Caribbean FanFiction by SomeDifferentOne
Davey Jones' Locker | Pirates of SomeoneDifferent
Davey Jones was only trying to retrieve his dead daughter back from the grip of the reaper hoping that if he made it to the World's End his five-year old child would be...
  • potc
  • theflyingdutchman
  • flyingdutchman
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