Island of the cannibals

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As Lisa was walking around the island she spotted a village at a distant. Barbossa and his crew might be there she thought, as she went closer she realized that the men in the village were roasting a man alive. She tried to hold back her scream and hide behind some bushes. What have she got herself into and where is Barbossa? is he dead? she never felt this scared in her entire life. As night fell she tried to look around to know the village better, she have to escape but she cannot sail the black pearl alone. As she sneaked around she saw some cages in a distant there were men in it. "Barbossa" she whispers in delight as she saw him.

"My lady" Barbossa couldn't be happier "What are you doing here?" He questioned in a puzzled look. "Ill explain later, let me get you out" she said as she looked for a sharp object to cut the ropes of the cage. Then she remembered the knife in her boot she took it out and pass it to Barbossa, he instantly free himself and his crew. He kissed her forehead "thank you" he smiled. "We should go now" she whispered.

As they sneak away slowly. A guard notice the missing prisoners and a horn was blown. "Run" Barbossa yelled as arrows came flying. Barbossa grabbed Lisa's hand and they raced together to the shore. The cannibals were after them. "We have nothing to defend ourselves so run" Barbossa yelled louder as they raced towards the black pearl. As some of the crew fought with the cannibals. Lisa and Barbossa were already on the ship. Barbossa quickly got his hands on the wheel and tried to sail the ship away as more cannibals headed towards the ship. Some of them were already on the ship Lisa picked up a sword and fought with them, she have never used a sword in her life but she had knowledge of how to use it. When time permits she use to go and see the Royal army train.

As the ship began to sail away from the island and the cannibals on the ship were slain. The crew rejoiced they all cheered for Lisa. "You are no ordinary lady" Barbossa looked at Lisa proudly. "And you killed a cannibal" he smirked. "This was my first" she laughed. She told Barbossa about her journey after he and his crew abandoned her and calypso in the sea. "So Davy Jones is back, we must never let him claim the Flying Dutchmen ever again" Barbossa gasped. "Even if he finds the chest he would need the key. I'm afraid he has the key but I'm not sure but before he claims the chest from Elizabeth, you should go back to Raven hill and hide the chest somewhere safe" Barbossa said.

"But why me? let Will go he's the one who gave the chest isn't he?" Lisa complained. "I know he did but my lady, you don't know to be the captain of the Flying Dutchmen comes with a heavy price 10years in sea one day in shore" Barbossa looked at Lisa. "Then why don't you go?" Lisa questioned. "Because if the Royal army see me they will shoot me, you are the only one who can go in" Barbossa replied. Lisa knew Barbossa was right but she never wanted to go back to Raven hill but to save the sea and her friends she knew she must take this step.

Barbossa and his crew sailed towards Raven hill. "By night fall we will be there, you steal the chest and bring it back we will hide it in a safer place" Barbossa said. At that moment Barbossa saw the Flying Dutchmen. "Speak of the devil" he gasped. As Will set his foot on the black pearl Lisa didn't even noticed until he said "so I see you are well". "Why did you come here?" Barbossa grumbled. "Because I know your plan Barbossa and I know Davy Jones have returned but to send the lady to Raven hill is a risk, I cannot take" Will gasped. "I just volunteered to go because you were stupid enough to give away the chest to Mrs Philip" Lisa grumbled.

"You didn't know the situation back then" Will came forward. "I don't even want to know" Lisa rolled her eyes. "We have to make a plan" Will said. "This plan is the best" Lisa folded her arms. "I won't let you risk your life for that Chest, if the Queen comes to know of your actions you will be executed" Will looked at her in terror. "That's a risk I can take, marrying George is an execution for me as well" Lisa looked away. "You are stubborn aren't you?" Will raised a brow. "Enough of the conversation it's almost night fall you have to leave now" Barbossa said standing between the two.

Barbossa and 4 of his men waited for Lisa at the dock. Lisa quickly headed to George's place. The guards let her in without a question. As she entered the house she quickly went to George parents room and searched around. She heard Mrs Elizabeth Philip clearing her throat behind her. She turned around in terror. "I know why you are here" Elizabeth looked at her. Lisa kept silent. "I'll give you the chest but in return you must promise thing" she looked at Lisa. "Anything" Lisa said. Even if it means marrying George she didn't mind because she didn't want the sea to be in control of Davy Jones once more.

"I know this is too much to ask from you my dear Lisa, but years ago I married William turner. He loved me truly and he gave me this chest in order to let me keep his heart forever but for 10years to wait for him only to see him for a day was something my heart couldn't take, after he left for the sea within 3years time I married George's father and when William came back after 10years to the shore I didn't go and meet him but I did send word that I was married and had two sons. William was heartbroken after that he never returned to the shore but I know you met him in the sea and I know he had fallen for you, you have that charm in you. In return of the chest I want you to promise me that you won't leave William like I did" she gasped.

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