Island of the Crabs

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As they were seated on the boats they rowed towards the island of the crabs. Calypso, Captain Davy Jones, Lisa along with four of Davy Jones crew members rowed on a boat, the other three boats were occupied by the other crew members of Davy Jones. Lisa didn't even care to look at them she was wishing when she will ever get out of the worlds end. "Raven hill was better" she gasped. They rowed for days, time began to slow down or was it just their imagination no one knew. Day and night made no difference in the air or the water. No form of life was seen anywhere but the fear of the kraken remained in the heart and mind of the crew and Davy Jones. For Lisa she has no idea that the kraken lived at the worlds end.

Finally, they spotted the island of the crabs it was made of white sands. There was no sign of life or trees or any living organism as they rowed closer they saw that it was not white sand. The island itself was made of white crabs, It was an island full of crabs. "How are we suppose to command them?" Jones looked at calypso. "That captain, I don't have the answer jack was the one who commanded them last time" calypso laughed. "If that's your answer I'll be leaving you and the lady behind on this island and row away" he threatened calypso. But calypso didn't respond jones was furious, he made up his mind to abandon the lady and calypso on the island.

"Do we really have to do this?" Sparrow looked at Will. "Are you serious now?" Will sounded annoyed. "No.....I'm just saying it's not a good idea to go to the worlds end, don't you think?" Sparrow shook his head. "The lady and calypso are in trouble and don't forget your pearl and they have the key and the chest is out there as well. So we have to do this captain jack sparrow don't be stupid" Will walked away giving jack a disgusted look. "Very well who said I was not in" jack grumbled.

"Are you really abandoning us on this island? We can't even put our foot on it" Lisa growled. "Hard life my darling, calypso refused to help so you both meet your doom" Davy Jones smirked. Lisa couldn't belief her ill luck this adventure was too much to take. There's no way out of the worlds end and she and calypso will be rotting out in an island full of crabs. As Lisa and calypso got down from the boat, jones noticed that the crabs didn't bit them instead the crab seems to be still and some looked up at Lisa. Jones knew what he has to do now "Lisa you can return to the boat with us if you call the crabs" jones looked at her. "I can't call them" Lisa folded her arms. "My lady they seem to look up to you" jones grinned. "I won't help you even if had a chance" Lisa grumbled.

"Very well then, suit yourself as I kill your friend out here" jones laughed as he took out his sword and pointed at calypso. Lisa had no choice but to agree, she didn't know how to command the crabs she just got into the boat and called them with her hands, they understood and followed her. The crew didn't have to row the boats any longer the crabs took them on their backs and floated on the still waters, the crabs were the tides of the sea. "I can't belief they listened to me" Lisa whispered to calypso. "Because you have the key with you and don't forget William imprinted on you, he's the king out here" calypso smirked.

Lisa didn't know what she was even doing but she knew that it would not be right if Davy Jones got the chest and the key because it would mean the end of William as well as the end of the sea. "Where are you William?" Lisa thought to herself. As the Flying Dutchmen entered the worlds end jack sparrow and Barbossa didn't like the feeling of being back at the worlds end for William and his crew it was nothing they have always been here. "We have to go to the island where I've hidden the chest, jones must be heading that way" Will gasped as the Flying Dutchmen headed towards the island.

The black pearl with the help of the crabs reached an island of endless sands. There was no life in it. "It's like a desert" Lisa gasped as she got down. "Yes, it's a desert" calypso smirked. "How are we going to find the chest in this endless sands captain?" A crew member asked Davy Jones. "For that I've the compass" jones laughed as he took out the compass of jack sparrow, the compass which points the way to what your heart desires the most. As Davy Jones took out the compass it pointed south, they all began to walk towards the south on the endless desert of sand. "Can't belief William buried his chest on this hot desert" Lisa grumbled as she took the last sip from her bottle. Calypso seemed unbothered from the situation, she was immune to everything. "You truly are a goddess of the sea aren't you?" Lisa looked at calypso. "Yes I'm but cursed and bound forever in the form of a human" she laughed heavily.

"I found it, now dig in" jones commanded as his crew began to dig into the sand looking for the chest. "I think we should escape now" Lisa whispered to calypso. "And go where?" Calypso looked at Lisa. "You have a point" Lisa growled as she found herself stuck in a do or die situation. She can't get out of the worlds end and even if she try to escape where will she go, if she go back to the black pearl it is in under the grip of Davy Jones crew and if she run into the desert she will get lost or die.

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