Shipwreck cove

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Lisa didn't understand what the quarrel was about, only 5 pirate lords were preset and the next day was the council. By dawn 3 other lords came but the 9th one still didn't show up. "In an hour the council is going to start, if the 9th lord doesn't appear we will start without him" Barbossa yelled. Lisa was already yawning because she didn't sleep the whole night under the quarrel of the lords and some other important pirates. When the sun was up the 9th pirate lord appeared, it was none other than William turner. "Lisa" was the first word he said when he saw her on the table.

"Let's begin" Barbossa said as a conflict started among them. Lisa was not even listening she was feeling sleepy and resting her head on jack's shoulders and yawning. William didn't even speak a word, his eyes were fixed on Lisa. "Now the voting should start" Barbossa yelled as every pirate lord said their name. "Lisa" William yelled and everyone got silent. "What?" Lisa woke up from her dreaming state. "Aye! caption my vote goes for Lisa too" jack stood up. Everyone was in a conflict again.

Lisa didn't understand what they were quarreling about until Barbossa said "by the code of the pirate law, now our new king Lisa" he lifted Lisa's hand up. Lisa didn't understand why she was elected the king of the pirate lords, until Barbossa explained to her. A pirate king is the one who have power over the pirate lords and only the pirate lords can elect their king but since every lord wants to elect themselves there was no king. But William voted for Lisa but she wasn't a pirate so she couldn't become a king but then jack voted for Lisa too and then in the end Barbossa too agreed and there were 3 out of 6 pirates lords voting for her. No one could say anything under the pirate code so Lisa became the king.

"But what will I do. I can't do anything?" Lisa looked tensed. "You can do amazing things" calypso smirked. As they headed to the bar there was merry making everywhere. Lisa and calypso were seated on a table when Will joined them. "I heard about what you did in the treasure of doom ,you really are something aren't you?" he looked at Lisa. "I don't know what your talking about" she looked away. Will stretched his hand towards Lisa's neck and pulled out her necklace in which she kept the key. "You know exactly what I'm talking found the key, it was what you desired most" Will smirked.

"Don't you ever think. I desire you" Lisa hissed. "What makes you think I'm saying that?" Will raised his brows. Lisa just ignored his question. "I know the day Elizabeth met you she told you I've fallen for you, didn't she?" He looked at her. "We're you there?" Lisa said in an irritable tune. "I wasn't but I know, she told you that" he gazed at her. "And how do you know that mr?" She folded her arms. "Because when you came for the first time in the Flying Dutchmen. I imprinted on you" he gasped. "What are you serious?" Lisa was outraged. He nodded. Lisa couldn't belief what she heard.

She once heard that the captain of the Flying Dutchmen can imprint on a lady. He have that power with him because he lives in the sea for 10years and to come to shore only one day for her but the captain can only imprint on one lady in his lifetime. She can't belief William imprinted on her. What was he thinking she thought. "What if I don't want to be with you?" Lisa grumbled. "Then you have to go far away, where I can't find you" Will said. "I just want to know how Elizabeth found that out she wasn't a pirate lord?" Lisa asked. "She was once a pirate lord and a king" Will gasped.

Okay so now I'm a pirate lord and a king and now Will have imprinted on me it's like I'm walking on my fiancé mother's footstep Lisa felt irritated. "But Will did love Elizabeth why didn't he imprinted on her?" Lisa questioned calypso. "Because my lady the love that Elizabeth and William shared was not true love" calypso replied. "But I don't love Will" Lisa grumbled. "Somewhere in your heart you do my lady" calypso grinned. "Okay fine! I find him attractive he's handsome, I can't deny that and he have some qualities that a man should possess but he's the ex husband of my fiancé mother. Doesn't it sound weird or who knows George might be the son of Will" Lisa said annoyingly.

"My lady George is never the son of William because Elizabeth and William got married on a battle and Will was stabbed in the heart after the wedding, but jack helped Will to stab the heart of Davy Jones and after that Will became the captain of the Flying Dutchmen and he left for the sea for 10years after giving the chest to Elizabeth and when he returned Elizabeth was married and she already had two sons and George is the second son of Elizabeth" calypso said.

Lisa felt better after what calypso told her but this doesn't make sense she's now in between George and William and also an unforeseen battle. "Welcome to my adventurous life again" she grumbled to herself as she walked to the balcony. "Talking to yourself I see" Will giggled. "Are you following me?" Lisa asked. "I should say no but yes" Will smirked. "Today is your first and last stay on shore after 10years so you better join the party" Lisa looked away. "I don't care about this day. I only care about you" Will walked closer. "This is really weird Will.....I just don't know what to say" Lisa folded her arms. "What does your heart say?" Will asked. "It says that your my fiancé mother ex husband" Lisa giggled.

"That doesn't matter anymore there is nothing between us anymore. Even when I loved her from the start we were never destined to be together" Will gasped. "So you loved her?" Lisa asked. "I did at a time" Will said. "Then why didn't you imprint on her?" Lisa questioned. "I don't know. I guess maybe because it was never true. I knew her from when I was a kid that's why I fell for her and I thought it was love but it wasn't the love that people call as true love, but with you it was different from the moment I saw you I knew you had something that Elizabeth didn't, you were the love I was looking for my whole life maybe because that's the reason why I became the captain of the Flying Dutchmen its destiny" Will smiled.

Lisa was silent she know she can't argue with Will on this as she examined his expressions she noticed a scar on his left chest so the chest really hold the heart of William turner she thought. "I know your wondering about my scar and the chest, the chest I gave Elizabeth because it had my heart and it belonged to her once but even without my heart in my body when I met you I fell in love. Do you know that?" Will looked at her. Lisa looked away she didn't know what to say. He walked closer Lisa's heart was pounding. He pulled her closer and leaned in to kiss her but she pushed him and walk away. This is not happening Lisa thought as she got lost in the crowd.

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