Black pearl

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As the sun set Lisa heard a faint whistle she raced towards the dock and saw jack. "Come on" he called as he pulled her towards a big black ship. "Wow! it's beautiful" she gasped. "Welcome to the black pearl" he said proudly, as he introduced her to his crew. The only names she remembered from the crew was Danny, Bill and Joe. Danny was a man who spoke less but did more. Bill was thin and tall but he had only one eye. Joe was short and his teeth were rotten. Bill and Joe were best buddies. They were always together.

The black pearl was no ordinary ship. Lisa have heard of it but she never believed it to exist in reality. It was the fastest and strongest ship in the Caribbean. A ship feared by many. They said the captain of the black pearl was a man so evil that hell itself spat him out, now Lisa knew that it was none other than captain jack sparrow.

Lisa felt comfortable on the black pearl and as they sailed away she gave one last glance at Singapore. The journey of her life is just beginning she thought, she couldn't wait for more. "Captain it's not wise to bring a lady on know that don't you" Danny said as he sat next to jack. "I know but she's not any lady she's the fiancé of George Philip" jack smirked. "We have some advantages out here then" Danny said as he looked at Lisa.

"Danny what do you know about jack?" Lisa asked as Danny stood next to her. "Not so much my lady, jack is an interesting man I should say with time you will know" Danny smirked. Lisa knew in her heart that jack was no ordinary pirate and the tales she heard about him were almost true, but she didn't care about those she was happy she was at the sea. She found a new liking for jack. She thought he's a good man but wondered if he has a lover or a wife.

On the other hand the search party of Raven hill returned to the town in vain. She's lost forever they said but George he didn't give up the search, he would search the seven seas if he had to he thought as he continued the search with his crew. As the black pearl halted. Jack's crew lowered their boats in the sea. "We have to row from here" jack said. "Where are we going?" Lisa asked. "Calypso" Joe smirked.

Lisa had heard about calypso before and it was scary, she don't know why they are going to meet her. As they rowed across the stream, Lisa saw a tiny village situated on the bank of a stream. Everyone in the village were holding candles and looking out of the Windows. This is weird Lisa thought. Jack looked scared as he looked around. "Why is jack acting so weird today?" Lisa questioned. "He's afraid of the open water" Danny said. "Why?" Lisa asked. "Because of the kraken" Danny gasped.

Lisa heard the myths of the kraken. But she thought it was only a legend until Danny said it wasn't. She loved the sea but she didn't know the dangers that lies in the sea. Lisa was just an innocent young teenager longing for adventures. As they reached the house of calypso. Lisa noticed that she was a woman who had curly black hair with dreads and wore a brown dress. She spoke in riddles that Lisa couldn't understand but one thing was for sure an adventure was yet to come.

Jack sparrow and calypso spoke for a while and later they made an agreement to sail together. To look out for the treasure of doom as a bargain was held between them. The others didn't know what it was and none of them cared to ask, they were already tired after waiting for hours as the two discussed without halt. As they boarded the black pearl jack sparrow told them the plan to look for the 'hidden island' where the 'treasure of doom' lies.

"So if it's an hidden island how could we find it?" Lisa questioned. "Because we have calypso with us, she have been on the island before. The island only appears to those who have been there before" jack grinned. "But I guess it's not a good idea to look for a treasure that is known as the treasure of doom" Lisa gulped. "Don't worry my lady, the treasure do test us but your of noble heart nothing will happen" jack smiled as he walked away.

When night fell Lisa and calypso woke up to the sounds of swords and screams. The crew of captain Barbossa have boarded the black pearl to claim it once more. "Who are you young maiden?" Barbossa smirked as he looked at Lisa. Lisa said nothing she couldn't belief she was in the middle of a pirate battle. "Throw the crew in cages but not the lady because we need a lot to talk about" Barbossa examined her. "Better not harm the lady she's the fiancé of George Philip and the entire Royal Navy is out looking for her" jack yelled. "What you idiot! you brought the Royal Navy magnet to the ship?" Barbossa was furious.

"Too bad but you have to go now" Barbossa looked at Lisa. "What go where? You can't abandon me" Lisa said in horror. "It's such a pity to abandon such a pretty young maiden at the sea.....but we can't risk being hunted down by an entire navy" Barbossa looked at Lisa. "Jack help me" Lisa looked at jack. "Yes you can't leave her like that, she's still a baby" jack exhaled. "Very well you can choose anyone among your crew, you want to tag along" Barbossa said as they lowered a boat. Lisa looked at jack she wanted to choose him but she knew she had to do the right thing so she chose calypso. She can't leave a lady behind.

"I'll come back for you my love" jack yelled as the ship sailed away. Lisa waved jack and his crew goodbye as they were escorted to their cages. "Very good abandon at the middle of nowhere, welcome to my adventures life" Lisa grumbled as calypso looked at her and burst out in laughter.

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