Worlds End

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The Flying Dutchmen was quick enough to reach the Island of the desert. As Davy Jones crew found the chest, William turner crew reached the spot a fierce battle of swords was fought. Davy Jones knew that it was impossible for him to win over William and his crew at worlds end, so he decided to flee with the chest. He commanded his men to kidnap the lady and calypso along. "Jack help" Lisa yelled as two of jones men caught her and dragged her away towards the black pearl. "I'm a little busy you see" jack yelled back as he fought three of jones men. "Will save the lady" Barbossa yelled as he fought a huge man among jones crew. Will at once raced towards Lisa and fought with one of her captor. The other one dragged Lisa away but she was quick enough to throw sand on his eyes and ran towards Will.

"We have to save calypso, they have taken her" Lisa yelled looking at William. "Very well come with me" Will grabbed her hand and they raced together towards the black pearl but they were too late it sailed away. "Can you stop him?" Lisa looked at Will.
"If we reach the Flying Dutchmen on time" Will said. "But we can't leave the crew behind" Lisa said. "Yes, let's go and call them all" Will grabbed her hand once more and they ran towards the battle spot and called Will's crew. Davy Jones crew were outnumbered because some of them fled with jones and that's how Will crew was able to defeat them easily. "We have to head towards the Flying Dutchmen and catch Davy Jones crew before they escape from here" Will yelled as everyone headed towards the ship.

"Are you okay?" Will asked Lisa as they boarded the ship. "Yes I'm what took you guys so long?" She hissed. "I didn't knew about all these until I found Barbossa and his crew along with jack floating on the sea" Will looked at Lisa. "But I'm glad to see you" he smiled as he hold her hands. "We have to save calypso and get the chest back" Lisa looked at Will. "Yes we will do that, don't worry" Will pulled her closer. "I just want to know how Davy Jones was able to sail the sea without me?" Lisa questioned. "Because he has the chest now with him.....the chest, the key, the captain of the Flying Dutchmen and the imprinted lady can only command the crabs" Will gasped. "They have calypso, they will find a way out. We have to stop them before things get messier" Lisa quickly pulled her hands to herself.

Will can sense the nervousness in Lisa's voice when she pulled her hands back. He didn't question her action instead he smiled and said "I know what you feel and what you say". "You know nothing" Lisa folded her arms and walked towards jack. "Lisa my darling" jack hugged her warmly. "Oops! sorry" jack quickly backed away when he saw Will giving him a stern look. "Forget about Will" Lisa grumbled. "I can't, he imprinted on you that's something I've to keep in mind my friend" jack winked. "This is not funny jack, how can I stop this imprinting thing and how are we going to get the chest and calypso back?" Lisa questioned. "The imprinting thing I've no idea and i don't know what's Will plan to get back the chest and rescue calypso but for me.....I just need to get my pearl back" jack smiled.

"Only a pirate trade a life for a ship" Lisa looked at jack. "And you are a pirate too, don't forget pirate king" jack looked at Lisa. "I didn't plan on being one it was you, Barbossa and Will's plan to make me king" Lisa hissed. "Yes it was but all for a good cause, my love" jack smirked. "This good cause lead me to the worlds end and now an entire royal navy will be hunting for me and my father will be furious as hell" Lisa clenched her jaws. "You love adventures don't you? This is the adventure of a lifetime be happy" jack giggled. "Stop bugging the lady with your stupid responses" Barbossa interrupted. "Between you two, Barbossa have more sense jack" Lisa chuckled. "Yes I know, I know" jack waved his hands. "My lady is wise, but don't forget our quest is not over yet king" Barbossa looked at Lisa and jack.

As Lisa laid on her bed she didn't know what was going to happen next, she just hoped that everything will work out. She don't want any trouble now and the last thing she wants right now is to be caught by Davy Jones once more. "I see you didn't sleep yet" Will spoke to her. "Didn't anyone teach you how to knock?" Lisa grumbled. "For your information, I don't need doors or windows. I can pass through anything captain of the Dutchmen you forgot" Will smirked. "Just get out of here Will" Lisa closed her eyes. "But I want to talk to you" Will sat beside her. "I'm tired" she covered her head. "Very well then I'll let you sleep in peace but know this very well, I won't let you risk your life again for me and I love you" he kissed her hand and left.

After he left Lisa opened her eyes. She didn't know if it's love or not but there was something in William which she can't deny. "If father comes to know about all these things he will surely murder me" Lisa told herself as she slept off.

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