Jack sparrow return

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"Wake up" calypso shook Lisa. Lisa couldn't understand what was happening until she found herself in a boat. "How did we get here?" She questioned. She might have fallen into a deep slumber because she didn't notice herself being carried to the boat. As she got up she saw Danny and jack. "Jack" she yelled as she hugged him. "I told you, I'd come for you" jack smiled. Danny told Lisa how they sneaked into the Flying Dutchmen and rescued them. "I didn't need to be rescued I was okay" Lisa giggled. "You don't know anything young lady" Danny said. Lisa didn't even question them she didn't even want to know.

"I know what you were up to" jack said. "Do you?" Calypso laughed. "You used the lady to distract Will didn't you?" Jack looked at calypso with annoyance. "Yes! I did but I didn't have a choice, he had the map with him and i couldn't sneak in until he had a distraction. The hidden island routes are not easy to find and even if I've seen it, it was a century ago I needed the map to recall the way once more" calypso looked away. "There were other ways too don't drag the lady in this kind of situations ever again" jack grumbled. "You are quite fond of the lady, aren't you?" Calypso smirked. "You have no saying in this" jack walked away.

"Captain the two ladies escaped and they took the map with them" Gibbs yelled as he walked in. "This was jack's plan all along" Will stood up. "We should find them before they find the hidden island" Gibbs said. "Where will they go they are at the sea" Will smirked. "So did you see the captain of the Dutchmen?" Joe questioned. "Yes I did, he was a fine man" Lisa smiled. "So how was it like the ship?" Bill asked. "It was weird I should say" Lisa said.

"Scoot I need sometime with the lady" jack said as he came forward. "My lady it would be better if you go back to Raven hill" jack said. "What are you serious?" Lisa questioned. "Yes, it's for your own safety" jack replied. "I ain't going nowhere. I want to come with you" Lisa folded her arms. "But now the tides have changed and I'm worried you see" jack gasped. "Why?" Lisa asked in despair.

"Davy jones have returned, he was the captain of the Flying Dutchmen before Will turner took over. One can only claim the Flying Dutchmen if the chest is found and the chest is with your fiancé mother. Your fiancé George Philip mother was the ex wife of William turner the captain of the Flying Dutchmen. He gave his chest to her so that she could keep it safe, now Davy Jones is on the hunt for that chest and he will try his best to get to the chest by using you" jack spoke softly.

Lisa was shocked a chest to claim the Flying Dutchmen, she didn't understand what was happening here but she was more shocked that George mother Elizabeth was the ex wife of William turner. How was this even possible her brain was not working anymore. "But if I go back they will let me marry George" Lisa yelled. "If marrying him keeps you safe, you should consider it" jack said. "No! I won't jack you promised me you won't abandon me. How can you turn away from your word?" Lisa asked in anguish.

"I did gave you my word my lady but that time things weren't so complicated" jack gasped. Lisa walked away she didn't know what to say or do the only thing she wanted was to escape far away. Before jack sparrow hands her over to the Royal Navy. But to her worst nightmare the Royal Navy have surrounded their ship. "If we were in the black pearl, we would have never been caught" Danny gasped.

"Lisa" her father called as he came and hugged her. George came and slapped jack. "Did anyone harm you?" George asked. "No they didn't" Lisa gasped. "I was so worried for you" Lisa father said with tears in his eyes. "Prison them" George commanded his guards. "No! you can't it wasn't jack's fault.....I fled with him on my own will" Lisa spoke softly. "What?" Lisa's dad asked in horror. "This doesn't excuse that they are pirates" George said as he walked away.

"I'm so disappointed in you Lisa" her father yelled as he closed the door behind. "Ugh!" Lisa growled as she sat on her bed. As they were heading back to Raven hill Lisa heart was pounding with sorrow. Her father locked her in the room and she wasn't allowed to come out. When a heavy storm approached Lisa saw a fleet of ships coming their way. They were attacked by the crew of Davy Jones. When canons were blasted. Lisa fell into the ocean.

When she opened her eyes she found herself on a shore all alone. She have floated on a wooden plank and reached an island. "Very good, now I'm all alone in an island so much for another adventure" she growled as she got up and dried herself in the hot sun. As she walked along the beach she saw the black pearl. But there was no sign of life. Where is everyone she thought. She walked around and saw captain Barbossa's hat hanging on a tree. So the captain is here she thought, she decided to search for them so that they can help her get off the island.

Little did she know she was on the island of the cannibals. "Where is my daughter?" Lisa's dad searched for her in terror. "Did they capture her or she got lost in the sea?" George was terrified. Lisa father couldn't imagine their bad luck, he wept on the stairs. "I give you my word sir, I'll find her even if I've to search the seven seas" George said as he put his hand on Lisa's father shoulder. "I'm more than blessed to have you as my future my son-in-law" Lisa father looked at George with pride in his eyes.

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