Hidden island

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Lisa took the chest in her arms and nodded her head. Like she and William are ever going to work out this Elizabeth is in a big illusion, but at least by thinking that she gave me the chest so I'll play along Lisa thought. "You know involving with pirates will lead to execution if ever caught" Elizabeth looked at Lisa. "Yes I do but to live in the sea and be executed is what I'll choose rather than to spend my lifetime in Raven hill" Lisa gasped.

"You are a brave young lady Lisa. I wish I was brave like you. I just hope you will be safe and happy with William. I know now why me and William never worked out its because fate had other plans for us. You loved the sea from birth and William is now bound to the sea forever and I'm old and weary but you are young and free" Elizabeth smiled. "But I'll be old one day I'm a mortal" Lisa smirked. "You look rather excited saying that but I'll tell you this there is a fountain of youth and William will take you there" Elizabeth looked at Lisa.

"I hope so" Lisa said as she walked out of the room. "Don't get caught" Elizabeth yelled as she left. Like I'll go to the fountain of youth, like I'd spend my eternity with William he's the ex husband of my fiancé  mother what if George was their son what if William was the father of my fiancé then surly William is my soon to be father-in-law Lisa thought with disgust. As Lisa got into the boat Barbossa was amazed "you are such a good burglar" he grinned.

"Elizabeth handed it to me. I didn't have to steal and I know the ways in Raven hill, so no one saw me with the chest" she chuckled. As they reached the black pearl William gave a sight of relief. "So here's the chest take it" Barbossa gave it to William. "How did you do it?" Will looked at Lisa. "Your ex wife just gave it to me" Lisa said. "Are you serious?" He asked. "Yes and she still seem to love you" Lisa said in an irritable tune. "What makes you say that?" Will questioned. "Nothing! I just know" Lisa sat and bite an apple. "I know she told you more, what did she say?" Will questioned. "If you still love her why don't you go back and talk to her" Lisa rolled her eyes.

Like I'd ever tell him what Elizabeth told me I'm not stupid Lisa thought. "I did love her once but now not anymore" William looked at Lisa with annoyance. "Okay then let's stop talking about her okay, you got the chest now keep it safe" Lisa grumbled. Jack sparrow and his crew were captured by the crew of Davy Jones after the attack. Davy Jones needed Jack and calypso to find the hidden island so that he can find the key to the chest.

"Wasn't it a stupid idea to hide the key in the treasure of doom?" Barbossa asked Will as they bordered the Flying Dutchmen. "It was a good idea back then" Will looked at him. "Your back then ideas are all stupid" Barbossa said sarcastically. "You need to take the chest and hide it at the worlds end, me and my crew will go to the hidden island and get the key" Barbossa smirked. "I can't let you guys go alone, you don't even know the way" Will gasped. "The lady knows she saw the map" Barbossa grinned. "I can't let her put herself in trouble anymore because of my mistakes" Will growled. "I see you have found a new liking for her" Barbossa smirked.

"It's not that but she did a lot already" Will looked away. "William don't lie to me. I know that look in your eyes it was the same look you gave when you married Elizabeth during that battle decades ago" Barbossa grinned. "But you can never let anyone know this Barbossa or she will be in trouble" Will gasped. "She is already in trouble Will but I'll protect her in land and you can in sea but first, you hide the chest or else if they get the key and opens the chest your reign will end" Barbossa spoke slowly. William knew Barbossa was right and he can't travel on land and he can't take Lisa to the worlds end. He must trust Barbossa in this.

"So where are we heading now?" Lisa questioned. "The hidden island to find the treasure of doom" Barbossa said. "But jack and calypso are not with us" Lisa looked at Barbossa in a puzzled look. "I know my lady but you saw the map didn't you?" He smirked. "I saw but don't we need calypso help in it or maybe Will?" Lisa asked. "Will needs to go to the end of the world but calypso we will find her on the way" Barbossa grinned.

They sailed for days fighting the storms. Lisa had lost count of days. The sun barely shines she hardly left her room the monkey 'jack' became her companion. Only during dinner she met up with Barbossa to dine. She learned a lot about Barbossa as well as jack and Will. She didn't miss her home a bit, the sea was her home she gasped. As they neared the hidden island. A thick fog covered the area as they sailed slowly Lisa saw hundreds of ships under the sea. "Thousands of men lost their lives looking for this treasure" Barbossa said as he walked up the deck. "I hope we won't be the next" Lisa gasped. "We won't" Barbossa laughed.

They halted the ship and rowed on their boats. Davy Jones and his men were already heading towards the island with calypso and jack. "If we follow them we will find the island" Barbossa smirked. They rowed for more than an hour then an island magically appeared out of nowhere. "Wow" Lisa gasped she couldn't belief her eyes, the island was not there but it magically appeared.

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